The Daily Five: Games You Didn't Play, But Should

"One of the saddest parts of loving games is watching developers put their hearts and souls into a title, deliver a quality product, but gamers end up being too dense to purchase it. This can ultimately lead to studios closing, no primary follow-up titles in the franchise, layoffs, and/or primarily a lack of appreciation for something special." - Velox

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josephayal1879d ago

Vanquish is the Most underrated game of all time, the game is perfect 10/10

Dread1879d ago

I agree

It is a fantastic game.

ifritAlkhemyst1879d ago

I thought Vanquish was a great idea with great execution with what can only be described as the absolute worst level design and enemy variation to offset the quality.

Lokai1879d ago

I've actually played all of those except for Lost Odyssey, but this article doesn't really explain why Lost Odyssey is good.

coolbeans1879d ago

Heh...tell me about it. Only bothers to discuss why LO's sales tanked.

Th3 Chr0nic1879d ago

I LOVED VANQUISH!!!! fast paced super fun gameplay at its finest.

KentBlake1879d ago

I was very curious about Catherine, and wanted to play it for the story. Then I downloaded the demo, and hated the block puzzle gameplay so much that I couldn't bring myself to buy the game. Still curious about the story, though.