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WillM171819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Xbox launch title, new engine, new perspective, everything new. May 21th we wait to see a revolution to franchise

nevin11819d ago

And new time exclusive DLC.

abzdine1819d ago

a multiplatform game revealed at the same time as Xbox? That's a hint of how "rich" the exclusive games library for Xbox will be.

This type of announcement is really lame and everytime Microsoft start their E3 conference with COD gameplay i'm just "facepalming"

ALLWRONG1819d ago

If Sony wasn't so broke maybe they could buy their own timed exclusives, or anything for that matter.

MikeMyers1819d ago

Call of Duty has become the largest franchise so as a business move it makes good sense to partner yourself with it. Just like how Sony partnered itself with Final Fantasy and Grand Theft Auto before.

What I see on forums are nothing but double standards. Seems to me most people were ok with these back door deals and the PS2 getting all the software. Almost to the point of a monopoly. Now we see Microsoft using DLC as a tactical advantage and the anti-Microsoft people all of the sudden cry foul. These are huge IP's and if you can convince gamers that's the platform to get them on then that's just business.

What I do hope to see is more investment Microsoft with building their own franchises. Not just a few they can keep relying on and timed exclusives.

Army_of_Darkness1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Im kinda glad sony is broke then;-) that, or they're just not ridiculous enough to waste money on a timed exclusive.

Kingdom Come1819d ago

@ JoGam

You are aware that Sony already have confirmed exclusive DLC for "Watch Dog's", "Destiny" and "Assassins Creed 4" right?

@ Abzdine

But let me guess, Sony featuring an already announced multi platform title's (Watch Dog's and Destiny) and announcing "Diablo 3" was fine...?

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Minato-Namikaze1819d ago

I think it'll have to do more with the fact that it's new hardware than the devs. Killzone and battlefield have set the bar pretty high already

MasterCornholio1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Not to mention its probably a launch title for the PS4 as well. I have a feeling that the PS4 and the 720 will destroy the Wii U this holiday season. Nintendo will have to release at least 5 AAA games in order to combat this.

Now if only dice would surprise us with Battlefield 4 for next gen consoles.


Same goes for the PS4 with watchdogs and assassins creed.

abzdine1819d ago

BF4 will be shown just like the previous BF games during Sony E3 conference.

Root1819d ago


Good god it's happened already

It will still be COD at heart, a new lick of paint doesn't hide the fact it will STILL be the same old game thats came out every year. AC3 got a new engine but it was still AC and it was pretty disappointing.

Casual fans and die hard COD fans who don't play on anything else are going to eat this up more just because it LOOKS different

Well better go and prepare about hearing about this game on and on and on untill it's released when theres far better games coming out this year which will most likely be ignored

portal_21819d ago

@Allwrong, no - they're just spending money on new games.

Maddens Raiders1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

I am overfknwhelmed. That a way MS. Keep keeping it real.

artdafoo1819d ago

Be prepared to be disappointed.

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Jek_Porkins1819d ago

It's supposed to be an entirely new engine, which is what I'll be looking forward to, hopefully the online coding will be straightened out. Obviously COD is the most popular game around right now, so this is a big feather in the cap, as everyone will associate the May 21st reveal with the biggest game around.

It'd be kind of unprecedented if Microsoft got deals with Activision and EA, but Microsoft has the money to make it happen. I also wouldn't count out Bungie making an appearance at Microsoft's show as well.

Things are heating up!

Godz Kastro1819d ago

Man, I didnt even think of that..well said.

Root1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

Do they really think this is going to make people buy the nextbox when it will be on the PS4 aswell.

All Sony have to do to counter this is advertise it for their console aswell. At the end of the day, coming from experience, the die hard COD players will get it for the cheapest console. Thats why most people play it on the 360...that and the fact they can use their headsets for cross game chat

RuleofOne343 1819d ago

*counter this is advertise it for their console*
Not if they advertised like they always have which is with no effort or budget.

jmac531819d ago

The same could be said about Destiny at the PS4 conference. Of course it's coming to Xbox as well. What's your point?

GamingManiac1819d ago

Yay, more exclusivity bullshit -.-

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