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PS Vita Bundle Gets $100 Price Cut With Playstation Credit Card

PGN - Sure it's not exactly an official price cut, but today Sony revealed that for those who qualify for a Playstation Credit Card will be able to get an instant $100 off from the $300 PS Vita Instant Collection Bundle. (PS Vita)

Donnieboi  +   754d ago
Fantastic deal if u don't already have too many credit cards, or have bad credit. Or were gonna get a Vita anyway.

Vita's worth it no matter what though. I'm on mine just as much as i'm on my ps3.
GameCents  +   754d ago
I'm gonna go with no. I'll get my financial services from proper FS providers. I love gaming but a playstation credit card is ridiculous.
Donnieboi  +   754d ago
Yeah I'd say no too. My original statement was a bit sarcastic.
Hicken  +   753d ago
Well, you're in luck. Sony is IN the financial business.


Part of the reason Sony has so many liabilities is because you buy those sorts of things up when you're part of the financial world(adding that little bit of info before you make some other uninformed comment).
Bar_Brothers   754d ago | Trolling | show
raWfodog  +   754d ago
That was the same deal when I bought my PS3 Slim a few years ago. Except it was just a Sony credit card, not a Playstation one.
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haymoza  +   754d ago

yaz288  +   754d ago
I fucking love my vita.

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