Ghost of a Tale: A film animator turns to IndieGoGo to fund his first video game

GamesBeat recently interviewed Lionel Gallat, a film animator for more than 15 years who is raising money on IndieGoGo for his first video game -- a moody third-person action-adventure called Ghost of a Tale.

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SybaRat1602d ago

Nice! I wonder how many other animators are looking at games as a creative outlet.

barefootgamer1602d ago

Right now, I can only think of one. Dean Dodril, who released Dust: An Elysian Tail last year. (Very good game. Go buy it!)

darkronin2291602d ago

Not sure of their reasons, but there are a few ex-Disney animators working on that Harold running game. Supposed to come out this year, but it's been awhile since there was any news.

Tolkoto1602d ago

Certainly looks pretty.