About Microsoft Being 'Six Months' Behind With the Next Xbox...

Kotaku - My article on Monday about Respawn Entertainment's first post-Call of Duty game, a sci-fi multiplayer shooter, coming exclusively to the current and next-gen Xbox consoles, turned some heads. So did the part of the piece about Microsoft falling behind with their next-gen machine.

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Cherchez La Ghost1846d ago

I have disagrees......, but yet a logical rebuttal of why. SMDH......

JP13691846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

You gave an opinion, there's no explanation necessary if someone disagrees with it. If I say I like the color blue and you don't, what logical argument would you have to bolster your case? I didn't disagree with you, but if you're going to be that sensitive I suggest staying far away from internet forums.

Saigon1846d ago

@Cherchez La Ghost

this was a good article and your simple opinion shouldn't get disagrees.

either way it was a good explanation of what was meant the other day. Though I still hope it is not true, we will have to wait until the 21st to find out.

I think the most interesting part of the article was the comment by Brandon Jackson. All I have to say is great opinion Brandon.

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mcnablejr1846d ago

cherchez, forget about it, this is n4ps3g

MaverickStar71846d ago

I'd have to counter JP1369 and say its not being sensitive. The whole point of forums and comment sections is to provide discussion. The common sense thing would be have discourse on why they disagree with you. However big or small the reason, there is a reason.

LogicStomper1846d ago

A) No time to comment on why they disagree.

B) They can't come up with an argument against it so they just disagree.


C) They just trollin you.

slampunk1846d ago

It's on N4G and it's an article cutting MS some slack!!! saying good article will always attract disagrees ..... i agree with you though...

Cherchez La Ghost1846d ago


LoL!! I'm far from being sensitive about a simple comment. I just want to hear why some dislike the article. I like to indulge in conversations from all opinions.

FamilyGuy1846d ago

They probably just didn't like the article...

Many don't like any articles that come from Kotaku so they would instinctively hit disagree to your statement.

sikbeta1846d ago

This is Kotaku, same site that posted the RUMOR about a delay, right? so, now they're going against their own crap!?

Didn't read the article, don't want to give hits, they keep spreading rumors with no concrete sources just for the hits, May 21 will be the day when all these crappy rumors disappear for good!

Hicken1846d ago

There isn't a NEED for a "logical" rebuttal. You're not obligated to get one. And, frankly, the site's commenting system isn't designed to make that easy. Note that you've got five bubbles, but you're free to disagree/agree as many times as you want in an article.

Me? I'm limited to just one comment, which I'm kindly using to respond to you here; on the other hand, I can disagree with EVERY comment in here, if I so choose.

Therefore, people will disagree with you for whatever their reasons are, but will be more careful with what they decide to respond to, since those responses are far more limited.

Personally, I haven't even read the article, nor had I disagreed. I'm simply putting to rest the "debate," as it were.

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DOMination-1846d ago

Im not one of them but i imagine its because its kotaku and most on n4g say they write shoddy articles.

Some of their rumours have been good though. We will find out on 21st how good this one is.

showtimefolks1846d ago

whatever the case maybe we will find out something on may 21st but we will find out everything at E3

one thing i will say is most of the rumors about ps4 were correct, so let's not totally overlook rumors because where there is smoke there is fire

but getting a confirmation at E3 would be nice

trenso11846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

"Respawn news, which I should remind you is not officially announced but comes from two unrelated, good industry sources (I heard from a third source, who said he'd heard rumors of that Microsoft exclusivity plan earlier this year)."

this is what you call a good article with sources like these? And it's kotaku, i won't forgive them for that final fantasy versus lie they tried to spread, from one of their "sources"

"I'd expect all console launches to be like the Wii U's. Because they always are."

If that's the case why are so many people bashing it then?

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Syntax-Error1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Microsoft should launch after the New Year. Dont force a holiday launch without being ready. It can hurt the brand trying to keep up with the other companies. Wait until they have a solid lineup because software is what sells consoles. No one is going to rush and buy PS4 at launch especially with PS3 having a price drop when its launched and the system still has strong legs to keep it moving for another year. End of the year we have Watch Dogs, GTA5, Splinter Cell, BF4, and Call of Duty Ghosts. There's no reason for a rushed launch

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maniacmayhem1846d ago

"This happened with the Xbox 360, with the PS3, with the Wii U."

People tend to have short memories. But this is exactly what happened to the 360 and PS3. Why the WiiU is getting slammed for this is funny. Devs are still making money on the consoles we have now. They are not just going to shift all resources to a new system right off the bat.

Persistantthug1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

1. Underpowered

2. Developers and publishers don't like it

3. Consumers aren't buying it

4. Online infrastructure is bad

5. It's overpriced (for what you're getting)

Some of these examples (such as #4), I'm sure you could say, "Well, PS3 was exactly the same", but trying to compare a 2006 machine(s) to a 2012 machine is a far reach.
If we were in 2008 or 2009, Nintendo could be given a pass for some of that....but not now in 2013.

The competition is fierce, and Nintendo was clearly not ready, and the Wii U is paying heavily. Wii U is indeed failing.

maniacmayhem1846d ago

I don't agree,

1. Under powered compared to the PS4, maybe. But this still doesn't mean great games can't be made for the system.

2. Really, I never read anything like that? Like I said before, the install base is low and devs are not going to commit to a WiiU only game just yet.

3. I agree


5. It is not over priced. In fact I think it is under priced for what you are getting.

I understand your points but I am referring to the games or weak launch line up that the quote was referring to. Everyone seems to blame Nintendo for. Every new console has had this happen at launch.

jcnba281846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

That was a funny read but you couldn't be more wrong.

1. Underpowered? Since when have we seen a console's potential 5 months after its launch? Exactly. That's like saying PS4 us underpowered compared to PC. The Gamecube was more powerful than the PS2 and look how that turned out. Power has nothing to do with how successful a console will be. Look at the vita compared to the 3ds, the vita is more powerful but the 3ds is still crushing it.

2. Don't like it? That's why all of the developers who already have games on Wii U have said it's a great system to develop for? Yeah ok.

3. Software sells hardware. Nintendo's big games aren't out yet.

4. Online is bad? What's bad about it? All I know is it doesn't crash or freeze like PSN has since 2006.

5. Overpriced? Do you know how much tech is in the gamepad alone? You clearly don't.

PS3 sucked for 2 years before it started to get decent software. So yeah, don't judge a console just 5 months after its launch.

Kurt Russell1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Well I think it's over priced and under powered... so I didn't buy one. And get this, I'm a consumer.

Jek_Porkins1846d ago

Their reveal is on schedule, May 21st, and Activision is revealing the next gen Call Of Duty there. I don't think we'll have to wait long for these rumors to be sorted out.

People must forget that Microsoft launched the 360 in 2005, almost 8 years ago, they've had plenty of time to test, work things out. The 360s is the perfect example of a quality console with little to no issues.

mcstorm1846d ago

I agree. If you look at Microsoft hardware over the last few years they have been very stable and well built. Kinect, 360s and surface rt and pro are examples of how Microsoft have changed there image and how they look at hardware.

IM looking forward to seeing what Microsoft offer with there next console because I a, liking what Microsoft are doing as a company at the moment and they are really starting to turn things around for the better.

itBourne1846d ago

You like what Ms are doing as a company? When was the last time you got a good exclusive Xbox game and when is the next one? They already basically jumped ship on the 360. They are clearly focused on the more casual market and things outside the gaming space. Hell even windows 8 shows where they are headed as a company. As a gamer, PC, Nintendo, and Sony all offer things I can enjoy that cant be found in other places. Microsoft does not.

mcstorm1846d ago

Well in the last 6 months the exclusives were Halo 4 Forza Horizon and Gears Judgment. So that = 3 for me. I have a WiiU and Got MarioU, Lego City and ZombieU so that = 3. For my PS3 I have got PSALBR and that's it so that = 1. I cant wait for Last of us though but that is not out yet.

It all depends on what type of games you want depends on what is best for you. So tell me what exclusives have you got in the last 6 months on those consoles?

Why is Windows 8 showing where they are heading as a company? Have you even used it because by that comment you have not.

ziggurcat1846d ago

"The 360s is the perfect example of a quality console with little to no issues."

... and how long did it take them to achieve that?

the wii, and PS3 were near perfect right out of the gate.

Jek_Porkins1846d ago

There hasn't been a "near perfect" console in the history of consoles, they all have issues.

Microsoft did right with the 360 and offered free 3 year warranties on all of them. I know some people who would send them in claiming RROD when it was really a disc drive or they spilled something on it, since they would get the box, then ship you a refurb, I think it was classy of them.

The whole thing gets blown up so much, the real issues were only from 2005-2007, after that they got a good handle on it, and it wasn't like they denied it or tried to get out of it.

DigitalRaptor1846d ago

"Microsoft did right with the 360 and offered free 3 year warranties on all of them. I know some people who would send them in claiming RROD when it was really a disc drive or they spilled something on it, since they would get the box, then ship you a refurb, I think it was classy of them."

You're defending them? on this?

A company that knowingly shipped out majorly faulty hardware to market. The 3 year warranty came after several denials from Microsoft themselves that there was a problem at all. So not only did they disrespect their consumers by telling them they were wrong, it was threats of such an issue going to court did they extend the warranty.

At this point people had already re-bought their consoles, because the warranty had expired and many consumers have had to do this several times regardless of the extended warranty.

The thing gets blown up so much because they knowingly shipped the console with the highest failure rate of all time, and proceeded to do the aforementioned. And before you say "they couldn't have known", of course they would have known. These manufacturers do unit QA testing months in advance, and when consoles were failing after months, weeks and even days, there's no way they couldn't have not known.

Dee_Cazo1846d ago

Being hacked and hiding it from their customers for two weeks is "near perfect" ?

Utalkin2me1846d ago


They was forced to give that 3 year warranty by the government. Cause that was a record failure rate in electronics for such faulty machines, that's never been seen before.

Its the only electronic i know that keeps going bad and people will stay with that product. If it was any other electronic in our home after 2 failures people would move on and not think twice about it. After my second failure in a year, i will never buy another MS console as long as i live.

Btw, you know that saying "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me."

Ju1846d ago

It amazes me how many people are actually agreeing with "MS had a near perfect console". Just wow. But that's how this works. We people are forgetting just way to fast.

Peanuts1101846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

"The 360s is the perfect example of a quality console with little to no issues."
First run of Xbox360 consoles had serious RROD issues. I had three consoles go bad too. It was nice that they redesigned them.
My fear if this article is true. (If MS is behind schedule for various reasons) MS first production run might be pushing out consoles with issues. I hope that is not the case, but it is something to consider.

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Knight_Crawler1846d ago

Well said plus people forget that MS contracted a 3rd party to design the 360 and have since fired that party and the 720 this time around is being designed in house just like the Surface which is a sexy and well built machine.

May 21 needs to hurry up...super excited about the 720.

Utalkin2me1846d ago

What you just said says alot about MS and how they deal business, "MS contracted a 3rd party to design the 360". Really nothing else needs to be said.

KwietStorm1846d ago

The 360 S was a revised model of a product that already existed for years. I would hope and expect it to be quality with no issues. It kinda makes the argument irrelevant.

Darrius Cole1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

"The 360s is the perfect example of a quality console with little to no issues." - post #4


Qrphe1846d ago

"The 360s is the perfect example of a quality console with little to no issues."

You're kidding right?

LogicStomper1846d ago

Well, what issues have you been experiencing with your 360S?

Horny1846d ago

My drive stopped reading disks. funny thing is my original 360 never had a problem and i sold it because I got the slim for free when getting a laptop.

My 60 gig ps3 blu ray laser burnt out and my 360s drive stopped working. I take good care my things, craftsmanship just went to shit over the years.

starchild1846d ago

Curiously, my PC and PSP are the only gaming devices I have bought in the past 8 years that haven't died on me. My 360 died and MS fixed it and it has been working since then. My fat 80gb PS3 died just out of warranty and that really sucked.

GamersRulz1846d ago

"The 360s is the perfect example of a quality console with little to no issues"

60% failure rate wants a word with you.

I mean, are you really serious?! 360 is bar-none the industry prime example of a bad unreliable hardware.

PunisherRevenge1846d ago

Wow guys come on he is talking about the 360 "S". Which have a failure rate nowhere near as high as the "ORIGINAL" 360. Learn to read guys.

Utalkin2me1846d ago

So you're saying we can forgot the greatest failure rate in history of electronics cause the government forced them to get it right?

BOLO1846d ago

"The 360s is the perfect example of a quality console with little to no issues."

54% RROD failure rate?

KontryBoy7061846d ago

what have you been smoking man? "The 360 is the perfect example of a quality console?" LOL with only 3 (Gears, Halo, Forza) notable IPs for the PAST 8 YEARS???? What previous generation got away with some crap like that????? from Nintendo, Sony or even Sega? hell even Atari???

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sway_z1846d ago

Yeah nice read....I don't think MSFT will have a problem here. Worst case scenario, they delay until feb/march 2014.

I already figured the Xbox would launch then anyway.

KwietStorm1846d ago

Why did you figure it would launch then?

sway_z1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Just by looking at the schedules...PS4 Feb reveal, Xbox May reveal. The news that games are still at an earlier than expected stage and the commitment to the entertainment aspect of the new Xbox.

So there is 2 months between both events and E3 is next and so on. If PS4 launches Oct/Nov/Dec, possibly Xbox could launch Jan/Feb/Mar. Xbox could launch Nov too...speculation.

Just an analysis of the playing field is all, no negative intent at all :)

JeffGUNZ1846d ago

They will release no later then November 5, 2013. Think about it people. COD is showing their game reveal at MS may 21, 2013 nextbox reveal. You think COD will release then when their lead system isn't out yet? Come on, we all say Kotaku is unreliable and BS but now a lot of people want to believe this article? Both consoles, Sonys and MS have set goals years prior and were unable to reach ALL of them by the launch. It happens. COD: Ghost, Repsawns game (if the rumor pans out MS bought the exclusive rights), Watch Dogs, and Battlefield 4. That's a solid launch lineup to me, eh? Also, imagine if Rare comes out with Killer Instinct, since MS did get a patent in the last year or so on the name....That would be amazing.