Rumor: Blizzard looking for Diablo 3 Level Designer

The team behind Diablo I and II is looking for a skilled lead 3D level designer with experience building levels using Maya or other similar 3D level building tools. The ideal candidate has experience creating levels in a senior or lead role on a shipped game.

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decapitator3655d ago

OH Gawd, tell me it so. Make it happen Blizzard, I would be more than happy to get this game along with Starcraft 2.

TriggerHappy3655d ago

Blizzard announce the damn game already.

thehitman3655d ago

Until 2010. Interesting I liked D2 but it got farely boring less than a year of playtime. It was the same old thing over and over maybe they can make the game to be more strict in following the quest/missions instead of just quick rushing/plvling.

Superiorrior3655d ago

No offense but the team behind Diablo 1 and 2 are on Hellgate: London at the moment? I dunno if it is meant to be a typo, or they're recruiting new people but it certainly isn't the original team.

Rosenberg3655d ago

A few of the guys who were in the Diablo team left blizzard and started the Hellgate project.
So the Diablo team is still there and working on something, say its Diablo 3 ;)

ECM0NEY3655d ago

Hellgate London is just ok. They will never recover from that terrible launch. They even said it was the spiritual successor of Diablo 2.

Thats where the term FLAGSHIPPED came from.

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