Molyneux 'not saying no to developing for next-gen consoles'

Peter Molyneux, co-founder of Guildford studio 22 Cans, has indicated a willingness to create games for next-gen consoles.

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Sketchy_Galore1930d ago

Is that like I'm not saying no to having sex with Scarlett Johansson?

TechnicianTed1930d ago

Not really, he could actually develop a game for next gen consoles.

maniacmayhem1930d ago

Didn't this guy go to mobile development? Whatever happened with that? Did he promise super A.I and hologram mobile games and basically made Snake 3.0?

This guy!

MysticStrummer1930d ago

No one asked him yet so he hasn't said yes or no.

-GametimeUK-1930d ago

I would like to see some of his ambitions flourish and next gen could be a great place to start. Maybe he could set more realistic goals and not over hype his own work to the extent he does. I admire the way this guy thinks, but his thought process doesn't translate well in to the actual games.

I would like to see him apply himself and develop for next gen consoles.

SolidDuck1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Whatever he is doing I'm sure he'll promise the world and to change video games forever. Followed by just releasing a typical decent to good game. I actually like the fable games but the $hit that came out of his mouth describing the fable games before they released was redickulas and laughable.