Molyneux teases Xbox 720 involvement as Curiosity draws to a close

There are now 50 layers left on 22 Cans' enigmatic Curiosity - what's inside the cube. As of 16:22 BST/08:22 PDT today, a countdown timer will now appear in the game saying what the predicted end date for the quirky long-running experiment actually is--and how close one person is from unlocking what creator Peter Molyneux calls its "life changing" contents.

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ShugaCane1971d ago

People who contributed to that are going to get trolled sooo hard.

1971d ago
Godmars2901971d ago

So, its been an ad for Xbox3 all this time? An Ad that people pay for?

Hands Up For Games1971d ago

Where are you getting that from? Coincidence is a funny little thing that can make even the most level headed person flip.

It was a guy on the grassy knoll ;)

ichimaru1971d ago

It's very free. extremely free.

Godmars2901971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Is that why you can apparently pay to add layers to it? Get tools?

And whether or not its free doesn't mean that it might have been an advertising stunt. In fact being free would lean more towards such in fact.

Still wouldn't make any sense...

ichimaru1970d ago

? I'm not gathering your intended point here mars. Can you pay to add more to the app? absolutely, in fact I can't think of a single app on my phone or tablet that doesn't offer a paid peripheral or feature. Lol it's a cell phone app bro, it's not that deep. You think its dumb or some elaborate conspiracy scheme, I think its a fun yet curious waste of free time. lets leave it there

Root1971d ago

"Molyneux teases more empty promises for the XBOX 720 as Curiosity draws to a close" - FIXED

2pacalypsenow1971d ago

This guy hasn't made a good game since black and white and fable 1

Jek_Porkins1971d ago

As someone who bought Fable 1 at launch, and enjoyed it very much, I have to disagree. I remember people hating on Fable because it didn't live up to all the hype, but was still a great game. Fable 2 won a ton of GOTY awards, including X-Play's GOTY award, I loved the game very much.

Fable 3 was obviously rushed, but still offered some fun, and has actually gone on to sell rather well.

He doesn't work for Microsoft anymore, and I kind of doubt he'd be at the reveal because of that fact.

LoveOfTheGame1971d ago

I believe Fable 2 was a good game also, but the fact it didn't live up to that hype is why it was a disappointment. Being between the great RPG Fable, Lost Chapters was great, and the, what I felt, extremely short Fable 3 made people focus on those two installments which left Fable 2 as the bland middle child.

I sincerely hope they can properly revive this franchise. Fable Journey doesn't count as an installment, it is an abomination.

R_aVe_N1971d ago

Fable 1 got bashed not for being a bad game but a REALLY short game. I have always enjoyed the Fable games, but they nothing ground breaking to say the least. I think Black and White was by far his best game.

Jek_Porkins1971d ago

The more developers the better, no matter what the guy has done some quality work, Black And White and the first two Fables are amazing games.

I doubt he does anything with Microsoft though, considering he was most likely let go, I like Kinect and some of those things as much as the next guy, but I think ol' Petey wanted that on everything, and it just doesn't work on everything.

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The story is too old to be commented.