Nintendo Characters Needing A Facelift

A list of classic Nintendo characters that need a next gen face-lift.

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Harry1903723d ago

it says that all
characters need a facelift.

Monteblanco3723d ago

It is curious how hard is to create durable characters, especially compared as how easy is to criticize them in the Internet.

LeonSKennedy4Life3722d ago

Why isn't Earthbound in a re-make right now? That game is EPIC!!!

Seriously, it could be such an amazing storyline...years ahead of the rest of the business. It's so dark and yet so incredibly enthralling! It's something that I think Team Ico should tackle.

JD_Shadow3722d ago

[email protected] the comments on that page.

DAMN, some people don't know what the phrase "open mind" means.

sumfood4u3722d ago

& turn them all Ghoulishly!