Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review - Nearly Perfection l Entertainment Fuse

If there's ever been an argument that downloadable games are turning out better products than their full price counterparts, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon exists to end that argument. We here at Entertainment Fuse have played less polished full price retail games this year than Blood Dragon, and honestly, nothing has offered up the sheer amount of joy and humor that Blood Dragon marries together beautifully.

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UnHoly_One1908d ago

Can't anyone write a review nowadays without spoiling the whole game?

I'm actually looking forward to playing this and I don't want to know about everything I'll be doing, every weapon I'll be using, and everything I'll be fighting.

I quit reading this halfway through when I realized it was going straight to spoilerville.

Just tell us how it plays, that's all we need to know. I don't care if your favorite part of the game is some kind of crazy badass gun that's never been seen before in a game. Don't tell me about it, let me discover that awesomeness for myself.