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'Anyone Who Thinks Games Are Bad For You Is a F---ing Idiot'

Kotaku - Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon may be a violent, gleefully-stupid video game, but it also has a Serious Message about violent video games. (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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minimur12  +   636d ago
don't get to angry
minimur12  +   636d ago
you might hurt someone
Gaming101  +   635d ago
This one filed under "duh"
dedicatedtogamers  +   636d ago
Says the website that gets its panties in a bunch when a game has boobs in it.
ziggurcat  +   636d ago
or cries racism about a game that's about a space raccoon...
musashiden  +   636d ago
Can´t agree more
musashiden  +   636d ago
"'Anyone Who Thinks Games Are Bad For You Is a F---ing Idiot'" So true
gamernova  +   636d ago
Very true!!
famoussasjohn  +   636d ago
Now if only we could get the Government to feel the same way that most of the public feel. The ones that feel games are bad for you are batshit crazy.
HyperBear  +   636d ago
Failure to
Understand our
Capacity for

F***in A!
It is so awesome that Michael Biehn still sounds like he did in Terminator and Aliens. The man is a legend.

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