Toshiba sued for cloning Fujitsu's RakuRaku handset

You know how China is a land of freedom in terms of copyright laws, with all those small brands copying Nokia phones and iPhones with the sole consequence of making (good) money. Now how about a big brand copying another big brand, this time being staged in the land of Japan? Jump for more drama.

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TriggerHappy3387d ago

As if Toshiba wasn't having enough problems already. Hope they resolve this.

decapitator3387d ago

Oh tosh, a fall from grace. best of luck to them, hope they win and get their act together.

destroyah3387d ago (Edited 3387d ago )

This just isn't Toshiba's year. This is what happens when you go against Sony.

Panthers3387d ago

Yup. Wonder who will be next...

decapitator3387d ago

lol at Panthers...I see what you did there...:P

heyheyhey3387d ago


nice underlying message there panthers

jaja14343387d ago

Well to be nit picking Sony went against them since HD DVD was out first but thats a moot point I suppose.

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heyheyhey3387d ago

tough times for Tosh eh

best of luck to em

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