Media Create software sales (4/22 - 4/28)

Media Create published the latest game software sales from Japan.

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DivineAssault 1849d ago

idk why i bother looking at these.. 50% of the games on there the US never gets unfortunately

Hicken1849d ago

I'd really like to have a localized Steins;Gate in my PS3 right now.

boybato1849d ago

You know Wiiu is about to hit rock bottom when Xbox software sells(in Japan) more than the Wiiu software. lol

LOL_WUT1849d ago

Just had a quick look you're totally right! ;)

DivineAssault 1848d ago

Your asking for trouble my friend.. You know someone will say "just wait til their exclusives come & a price drop! Just like the 3DS!" lol..

Im very curious if that will actually work nx gen with PS4/nx box on the market.. 3DS is thriving because Its for women, men, teens, kids, casuals, has backwards compatibility, cheap, & nintendos huge handheld fan base.. Wii U has all those things except ONLY their fan base is buying into it..