In SEGA's & Gearbox's Defense - Why The Aliens: Colonial Marines Lawsuit Is A Bunch Of Nonsense

DSOGaming writes: "All in all, this Aliens: Colonial Marines lawsuit is a lost case. People may not like the current form of Aliens: Colonial Marines, however the aliens AI of that E3 demo was as bad as the one in the final product. We strongly suggest re-viewing its E3 trailer. Forget the visuals and pay attention to the AI. Oh screw it, go at the 9:20 mark and watch that alien that is going straight to the player, yet not attacking him. Keep watching and witness all those awful scripted events. Keep watching and at 10:49 you can clearly see an alien clipping through ground (while others aliens are not attacking the player at all). In SEGA’s and Gearbox’s defense, Aliens: Colonial Marines’ AI was bad from the get-go. The fact that you did not pay attention to it (or wanted to believe otherwise) is your own fault, and you cannot blame SEGA, Gearbox, or us for indicating it."

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Wagz221850d ago

Ok but the difference of the visuals are like night and day. The dynamic lighting really makes the difference.

john21850d ago (Edited 1850d ago )

Another example is of course Doom 3 that featured better level, sound, and scripted events (that bathroom scene alone was priceless). Not counting the first encounter with Pinky that was mind-blowing. Yet people did not sue id Software for cutting this entire level from its game, thus offering a worse experience.

Or how about Half Life 2's faked physics demonstration (it was scripted).

Seriously, there are a lot of examples and Gearbox did offer what was showcased (even dynamic lighting was added to the PC version with the latest update... and let's not forget that the E3 demo was showcased on the PC).

stragomccloud1850d ago

Doom 3 was still a good game though. Half Life 2 was an amazing game. I think if the game ends up being awesome, no one really cares.

VTKC1850d ago

yeah you just keep telling your self that author. You do not DEMONESTRATE a game and then later when the game is actually released-its quality is POORER than the demonstration and on top of that have this so called spokesperson constantly telling you how great the progress has been. Clearly they have been dishonest in the entire thing. The actual complete game can either be on par with the demonstration or better. Especially in this case there was a very long amount of time had passed since the demonstration. There was even a delay after that.

MikeyDucati11849d ago

Entitlement. That's the problem with gamers. They feel entitled to certain things. To say that you want your demo as same as your final product is completely absurd.

Demos often state "This is a work in progress and in no shape or form does it represent the final state". So why is this all of sudden shocking that the game is different?

And you didn't read the whole article. The author mentions that MGS2 promoted trailers featuring Solid Snake. We all know that MGS2 was about Raiden. How come gamers didn't sue then? How come gamers didn't sue the developers behind Prey? Too Human? Duke Nuke'em?

This is why I stand against this action. Gamers are being finicky because the game didn't meet their expectations. Now gamers are saying that they are entitled to have the game as same as the demo? Are you really being serious here?

The truth of the matter, if games were the same as demos, there would be a lawsuit about that. Gamers just complain about everything. Hey, yea I'm disappointed that the game wasn't a graphical beauty as what they showed in gameplay videos. So you know what I did after I conducted my research? I did not purchase the game. I did rent it. But to sue over the game not being the same as the demo is just downright silly.

aliengmr1849d ago

Arrogance is a problem as well.

MikeyDucati11849d ago


LOL, what exactly is arrogant about my post?