A Female Protagonist in GTAV? No Thanks

After the release of three brand-new trailers for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, the twitterverse exploded with excitement, anticipation, and debate. One particular discussion that caught our eye was about the lack of a female protagonist. The Game Effect normally would be all for the inclusion of women in video games. In this case, however, we can honestly say I'm glad there isn't a female protagonist in GTAV. Let us explain.

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knifefight1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

From the article: "Do we really want female protagonists to be portrayed as leaders of the mob who control prostitutes and drug cartels? Is that what gamers see as "progressive?" I certainly hope not."

^ I love the classic assumption that a female character MUST do the same things a male character does. Like nothing else could eve possibly be introduced. =/ Come on, be smarter than that.

But to answer that question I quoted, um, yes? Either a character is well written or not. A female character can be well written if the writer handles it well, just like a male character. Conversely, we've seen plenty of characters both male and female suffer due to poor script/scenario writing.

AboutLastNight51848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Well tell me, what else would the leader in Grand Theft Auto do besides murder, steal cars, rob banks and run a mob? That's what women did in Saint's Row. That quote is in NO WAY saying men and women must do the same thing. It is a classic GTA game, and based on the trailers, what else would ANY lead character do in the game?

knifefight1848d ago

That's what writers are paid to solve ;)

And like I already said, it doesn't even matter if a woman IS doing those things. If written well, anything can work. No need to place arbitrary restrictions on imaginative and artistic works. ^_^

AboutLastNight51848d ago

Also, have you read Jacked? If you haven't, I suggest you do. Then you'll see why Rockstar shouldn't be the spark that lights the fire on this subject.

AboutLastNight51848d ago

I'm not placing any arbitrary restrictions on anyone. It is an opinion piece for a reason. Do you really think GTA should be the catalyst for progressivism in gaming, considering Rockstar's history? Seriously, read Jacked. You'll understand.

knifefight1848d ago

I didn't say it "should be the catalyst for progression in gaming," I said that any character can work well if the writers do a good job with it. I take back what I said about restrictions and would like to add one restriction: please refrain from putting words in my mouth ;)

Believing that Rockstar's current staff isn't CAPABLE of writing a good female character in GTA and believing that a good female character isn't possible in GTA are two very different things.

As your article currently reads, it does nothing to express that your belief has to do with the writing team, and sounds like your belief is based around the simply the series itself. If that's inaccurate, then you should go back and edit for clarity. With such a short piece, it shouldn't be too hard.

Z5011848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Really? An earthworm can run & shoot aliens but a woman can't get shot 50 times eat a hotdog and get her 'health' back? Really? It's all about the writers.