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Future Gamez: Killzone: Shadow Fall Preview

Future Gamez: Whenever a new console is launched it needs big titles and for Sony there are few bigger from the current generation then Killzone. It's a fast paced FPS that has a loyal following - exactly what you need to shift a few million brand new consoles. But this isn't a rushed product at all. In fact developer Guerrilla Games have been working on this game for a couple of years, and with the single player campaign (apparently) already complete and playable from start to finish, there is plenty of time for the developers to tighten the game up, and perhaps more importantly develop a deep multiplayer component too. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

Jaqen_Hghar  +   640d ago
This or Infamous will be a man's first PS4 game, depending on what each shows at E3 (a man hopes for Infamous gameplay there).
shivvy24  +   640d ago
the 2 games im definately getting are KZSF and InfamousSS
Jaqen_Hghar  +   640d ago
A man may pick up Watch Dogs
ps3_pwns  +   640d ago
watchdogs looks lame dont even know what that games about. dude hacks into the city and makes him overpowerd dont see how that game will be fun. reminds me of true crimes streeets of LA minus the cool shooting and fighting lol. and that game was generic compared to gta.
TooTall19  +   640d ago
This and Driveclub will be a man's first game. A man will play Infamous after.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   640d ago
do not copy a man's shtick! A man has to get a patent...

have a "well said" anyway
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TooTall19  +   639d ago
Last time it will be said
generic-user-name  +   639d ago
How long does a man plan to keep up this act?
Ken22  +   640d ago
*Set in 2381, 20 years after the events of Killzone 3,*

Actually it's 30 years not 20

We need Multiplayer info now!!!!!
Jaqen_Hghar  +   640d ago
E3 and/or Gamescom will reveal this.
sandman224  +   640d ago
Killzone all day!
Gamer-40  +   640d ago
One game day one buy PS4:

emad-E-three  +   640d ago
For me the games im getting so far with my PS4 are;

Killzone Shadow Fall
Infamous Second Son
Battlefield 4
Knock "OR" Drive Club

and if true Uncharted 4

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