Media Create hardware sales (4/22 - 4/28)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan.

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boybato1852d ago

vita has gaems vs wiiu will have gaems defence forces in.... 3..2..1..go!!!!

boybato1852d ago

isn't what i said always what happens in one of these sales charting articles?

GribbleGrunger1852d ago

Yes but there's a difference between knocking a burglar out because he just broke into you house and inviting him in so that you can knock him out.

SandWitch1852d ago (Edited 1852d ago )

Everything is down except PS3 and PS VITA... O_o

chestnut11221852d ago

funny is that, Some people says, Vita's going down to 10k again, Look who's talking kids ;)

r211852d ago

Second time vita charting second place and sales for it went up. Looks like stable numbers are 15k-20k. Hope it goes up each week but that can only be possible thanks to games.

shivvy241852d ago

i got a psp 5 years after launch, i may pick up a vita late this year but i know that ill definately buy one

majiebeast1852d ago

Im expecting a Vita relaunch at E3 with a pricecut a nice line up of games and a price cut on the memory sticks so just wait for that.

MasterCornholio1852d ago

Funny how Vita and Wii U switched places.

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The story is too old to be commented.