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Havok: Everything in next-gen games must be destructible

By Eddie Makuch

Head of product management for middleware company says "it will not longer be acceptable to walk into a room where you can't punch a hole in the wall."

Destruction must be at the heart of next-generation games, according to Havok's worldwide head of product management. Speaking with Games Industry International, Andrew Bowell said destructible environments will be a cornerstone of PlayStation 4 and next Xbox games. (Havok, PC, PS4, Xbox One)

fsfsxii  +   718d ago
Next Gen Metal Gear Rising, you'll be able to cut World Marshal's building real time, no FPS drop
I'm just joking, but i think that would be great, but not really needed in everything, probably, in Godzilla game, that would awesome.
Septic  +   718d ago
Everything in next-gen games must be destructible:

Even the sky
shivvy24  +   718d ago
use mines to blow up a hole to the other side of the world
DeadlyFire  +   718d ago
Hell yes. Blow a hole in the atmosphere in new Call of Duty killstreak to end the round. You know they have thought of doing it.
isarai  +   718d ago
I don't know about that, sure i think nearly every game should have lots of destruction next gen with the massive amount of ram available, but making everything destructible could just as easily break a game as it would help it.
kneon  +   718d ago
If they keep it realistic then it may not be too problematic. For example you can't take down a building with small arms fire despite what EA may have you believe.

But there would be problems with doors and windows allowing access to areas that shouldn't be accessed yet, if ever. This would require modeling the interior of all buildings just in case someone blasts open the door.
DeadlyFire  +   718d ago
What do you mean "just in case" You know it will happen. hahah
Zichu  +   718d ago
I would like destruction to be more dynamic. Depending on how hard something hits a destructible object, the more pieces come flying off and such.
Animal Mutha 76  +   718d ago
Agreed. Materials physics and ballistics need to work together.

If I shoot a tank with an AK I expect possible ricochet/flak

If I drive my veyron into a concrete barrier at 250mph I expect my car to crumple/explode and to be very dead.
contradictory  +   718d ago
that sounds intriguing.
although i still hoped they'd take more time into
the gameplay itself.....
and storyline.....
ape007  +   718d ago
who else wanna see the nextgen version of the Euphoria Engine ?
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WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   718d ago
The euphoria engine is already pretty robust. I don't see a need for a next gen version of it. It would be great to see improvements non-the-less.
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ape007  +   717d ago
i agree to certain extent, as good as euphoria is, they can add a new weigh\size\gender simulation, taller\fatter people react differently, also males should react different than females
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joab777  +   718d ago
Its a great idea for certain games. There are many that don't need it and I wouldnt want engine resources wasted on it.

There will also be a phase in which everyone goes overboard and the realistic nature is counter prosuctive. But someone should do a next gen Red Faction or something like it.

Seeing the Havok sign makes me think of dark souls. Imagine what they couls so with destruction everywhere. You see some in DS2 but I think its scripted. But imagine if ur greatsword chopped through pillars and the debris damaged u. Or a fire spell burnt the wood planks u r standing on. Oh how that game made me love death...or makes me as I am playing it now.
Hydralysk  +   718d ago
But remember in dark souls what Havok was responsible for, the crazy ragdolling of corpses caught between your feet.

Don't forget, Havok is SERIOUSLY bug prone, how many times have you seen objects get stuck partly inside walls and/or start twitching uncontrollably. Half Life 2 was probably one of the best examples of Havok and Valve had to modify the crap out of Havok to get it to be that stable.
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mercyme   718d ago | Spam
wishingW3L  +   718d ago
I second that motion.

No destruction = last gen.
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Conzul  +   718d ago
Well, every TPS and TPA should have full destruction. Puzzle games however wouldn't all benefit.
WUTCHUGUNNADO  +   718d ago
I don't know... that would be a great rage feature if you lose in scrabble.
ps3_pwns  +   718d ago
its a must for shooters. not talking about huge building falling down and such but for stuff that should be demolished like cars, road signs, small houses, pillars and such just all those things in games where you are like man why is this table still standing when i shot it with rocket launchers.
Root  +   718d ago
Hope so

Imagine in Uncharted 4s online where you could, for example, destroy support beams for an old wooden three story temple by explosives and guns only to have it finaly give way and fall on people...changing the landscape of the map.
hesido  +   718d ago
Unlimited destructibility may not be feasible at all times. It would radically change the way the levels are designed, much more man hours required, you have to make sure the player doesn't get stuck for example. It has implications even for cut-scenes and game-progression: You can't let the player destroy a staircase if the user would have to jump on an helicopter from the rooftop, so you'd have to think about that while designing the levels (for example, you'd have to put a "steel" staircase that you couldn't destroy, bent a little, at most.). It may prove too hard, not impossible tho.
Animal Mutha 76  +   718d ago
So the guy who sells the physics middleware is saying that there should be more destruction physics.

Oh I get ya!

(shakes head)

I do happen to agree in principle. One of the best parts of Battlefield is dropping a house an enemy.
MrDead  +   718d ago
I don't see that working with GTA, what if you took out a building that is used for missions later in the game or levelled half the city in a rampage early on?

Full destruction is good but it might not be suitable for every genre.
MysticStrummer  +   718d ago
Exactly. It won't be good for every genre or every story.
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Plagasx  +   718d ago
Imagine Just Cause 3 where everything is destructible!!
shadowmist13  +   718d ago
Certain games isnt meant for breakable stuff,crysis is meant for that but they downgraded the physics in crysis 2...than theres other games that doesnt need physics but they over us it and then you get heavy fps drop.mafia 2 over used physics a little.so in the end some games need it and others dont.
ZoyosJD  +   717d ago
I hope that devs fully embrace destruction.

I know there are some clear problems with a games logic flow when everything breaks, but I think that this could be alleviated with destruction reset checkpoints(and reasonable mobility) in linear games and out of area resets in open world games.

Most issues could be worked around, but I understand that some instances just won't work. Nonetheless, those that can embrace it, should.
Rhezin  +   717d ago

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