Neverwinter Open Beta Now Live

Neverwinter is Cryptic and Perfect World’s proof that Western free-to-play videogames, when built from the ground up, can compete with even the biggest boxed subscription titles. Starting from today, the pair invites all gamers to put that claim to the test. There will be no character wipes or restricted access after the start of open beta, now available to all.

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JsonHenry1689d ago

I am Dling this right now. Beware! even though it does not DL at your peak rate it completely slows down your ENTIRE network to a crawl. I am doing the direct download. Maybe if you have torrent program to DL it with this may not be the case. I have the timewarner 20meg service and it takes me almost 20 seconds just to bring up a new webpage while DLing this game.

Simon_Brezhnev1689d ago

well they doing maintenance right now. Since trying to get in the game is pretty bad. It takes a lot of people between 30-2 hours to get into the game.

JsonHenry1689d ago

The DL servers are separate from the game servers. But I did some reading this morning and hopefully all of the problems with the game servers are fixed because that sounds like a nightmare too.

Whatever. I can't wait to play this game.

Tr10wn1689d ago

good luck trying to get in, 29k ppl in queue last night lol

Simon_Brezhnev1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

well i just go in with no waiting. So i guess that patch did do something right. lol

Oh i meant to say earlier they said they was getting heavy traffics on the site thats another reason you probably downloaded slow. Like somebody said below your better off downloading with a torrent.

GamerToons1689d ago

Live... as.. of ... yesterday

Ilovetheps41689d ago

I lplayed this game during the closed beta and I really enjoyed it. I will probably play some of the open beta, but I can't wait to see the game when it gets a full release.

TeRRoR5461689d ago

dl with utorrent 30 mins