What Tech Pundits Need to Understand: PlayStation is a Part of Tech, Until It is Not

Two and a half months ago, Sony held an event in New York where they announced the much-anticipated PlayStation 4 along with a series of games and a renewed focus on ease of development. The company talked about hardware specs, showed a bit of the PS4 user interface, demoed a few games and even unveiled the PS4 controller.

However, as much excitement as everything shown and announced generated, Sony never showed the PlayStation 4 console itself, a decision that spurred mixed reactions across the media. On one hand, there were gaming sites and writers who, while slightly disappointed at first, found the decision to leave the “box” and other important information such as pricing and release dates out of the show understandable. On the other hand though, there were technology and gadget sites and writers who not only criticized the lack of a console in the event, but also deemed the entire show both vague and misleading due to the lack of the information mentioned above.

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MariaHelFutura1908d ago

"What was a mistake was to invite hoards of tech pundits that have no clue about the games industry and who judge everything by the standards of companies that make entirely different products. These people don’t belong to gaming. They are welcome to the world of PlayStation (and of gaming in general) if they want to, of course, but they will have to try a lot harder to understand it first."

This is my favorite part. It holds true around here too.

TrendyGamers1908d ago

If you added an 'ma' to the end of your username, it would match the article pic perfectly.

Wedge191908d ago

A great and insightful article on the world of tech, gaming and the future of both.

knifefight1908d ago

But this is the internet, man. It's a license to talk about things you don't understand, but act like you do! I can't give that up, I'm living the dream here.

doctorstrange1908d ago

I didn't understand what you said, but I disagree wholeheartedly