Opinion: What Makes the PS4 a Supercharged PC

As the war between console manufacturers heat up, PlayStation 4's lead architect tells us how Sony has improved the next generation console.

Microsoft has announced that they’ll be ready to show the world the next Xbox on May 21 and we’ve heard a fair deal about Sony’s PlayStation 4 (PS4), including details of its architecture.

Speaking to technology magazine, Gamasutra, Sony’s PlayStation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny has gone into a little more depth about the choices that were made in designing the system’s innards, which they are calling “supercharged PC architecture”.

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Qrphe1485d ago

Link appears to be dead

Ducky1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Oh no, who will rescue Zelda now?

On a more serious note, it seems to work... but rarely. Had to click it three times before the article showed up.

guitarded771485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I was like "what?", then I got it and started laughing. Funny++

Utalkin2me1484d ago

Yeah ok, my amiga 500 from 1988 will run circles around the PS4. Just ask any PC enthusiast.

GamersRulz1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

I lol'ed so hard at the 2nd comment in the article.

L6RD7BLU31485d ago

Because the PS4 is powered by Awesome...nuff said

Utalkin2me1485d ago

Just having the UofL L, is embarassing.

L6RD7BLU31484d ago

OKAY, so was that suppose to be valid point you was trying to make or what because your definitely not perfect in your trolling efforts


Got "Mail & Guardian. Africa's best read"
._. wut

fOrlOnhOpe571485d ago

"If you build it, they will come...."

MasterCornholio1484d ago

Because a super charged genius designed it?

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