PlayStation’s worst employers. Forget EA, these are the videogames jobs you want to avoid

OPM: The benefits might be excellent and there are good promotion prospects but consider why: are your team mates regularly sent on suicide missions, burned alive by robots or wiped out en-mass by a single American hero? Do your responsibilities include standing by red barrels and wearing a balaclava? Probably time for a change then. Just don’t get any of these – videogame’s worst jobs.

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uuaschbaer1931d ago

Ah, it's a click-through list...

Story quality: WTF?
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Kurt Russell1931d ago

cheers for heads up... no click from me :)

Blank1931d ago

Ah! Thank you! You get a helpful bubble from me now I hope someone lists the things if not you I hope someone else does also forgive the caps but I HATE WHEN THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE PAGE FOR A LIST OF THINGS THAT CAN FIT IN ONE!! like I said sorry but it really grinds my gears

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Completely mis leading title and what the hell is up with the article?

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Most misleading title on the internet, people, save yourselves the click, BS article.

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Even Tho Its 10 Paragraphs One Click Per Page The Article I Just A Step Ahead Of Mediocrity I Quit After 5