Damn Straight, Games Should Work At Launch

Somewhere along the way, the videogames industry has been bitten, gnawed and zombified into a complete balls-up travesty where gamers are left in a state of horror. Recently, Star Trek, the latest movie tie-in game, was released with critical revile and public dismay not too far behind its tumultuous start. The PC version of the game, marketed as a co-op experience, could not fully function out of the box. Co-op was irrevocably broken, with a supposed fix only surfacing much later after the initial release. However, issues plagued the singleplayer component of the game as well, leading to a dismal reception by both fans and critics, and a social media onslaught came not too soon afterwards. This is dishonest business practice on the part of Namco Bandai and Digital Extremes, and is another case of the Gearbox Effect with Aliens: Colonial Marines as a prime example of the running trend. This is an act of deception at its finest.

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CarlosX3601630d ago

Reminds me of Rambo NES. Buggy as hell, and I had to return it.

FullMetalAdam1630d ago

Rambo on the NES is a terrible game.

FlameHawk1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

Lol they should just stop making games based right off of movies, they are usually low-quality budget games.