Xbox or PC Stolen? Don't Forget to Cancel Your Credit Cards

You walk into your home and make an anguishing discovery – you've been the victim of a burglary. Besides your TV, some jewelry and your PC, the thief got away with your Xbox 360 video game console.

Granted, it's not a good situation, but if you stop after calling the police and your insurance agent, the burglary could get even worse. If you've used your credit card to open an account on Xbox Live, the thief could be downloading games and buying points. Because your credit card is tucked safely in your wallet, you may be none the wiser.

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iAmPS33688d ago

I've trying to understand this RROD riddle for quite a long time now, but I get it: it's a safety feature.

You get your CrapBox stolen and then you hope that the console goes RROD on the perpetrator hands and they can't access any information.

OMG, Kudos for Nazisoft, they are some evil geniuses !!!!!!!

May Sony Gods Bless Us All!!!