Ice Climber Review (NintendoLife)

"Slippery controls are on thin ice
Ice Climber, despite the self-explanatory title, is more complex than a cursory glance would suggest. Popo the parka-toting lad (and identical twin Nana in the multiplayer mode) must scale thirty-two vertically scrolling mountains to rescue a large number of delicious eggplants, using only wits and indestructible hammers to do so. While simple in theory, you’ll have to devise a host of nifty tricks to outsmart the bad guys and save yourself from slipping into the darkened pits below. Unfortunately, you’ll have fight a great foe before clawing your way to success: the controls. There’s a lot going on in this tiny game, but that doesn’t always make it fun to play.", writes NintendoLife.

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