Capcom announces Mega Man 25th anniversary 3DS case

Capcom intends to begin selling this case with standard and XL versions through its online shop, but you should also be able to pick one up at San Diego Comic-Con in July. The publisher is also planning to produce more Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate cases too!

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Abash1848d ago


animegamingnerd1848d ago

i rather take legends 3 then this damn you capcom

LKHGFDSA1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

also, since it's 8bit, it reminds me of the "3D Classics" version of the original Megaman that we also never got.

edit: To clarify, yes, they did announce that we were getting this game. They said it months before the initial release of the system, and it was one of the reasons I bought it.
(Might of been the 2nd Megaman game actually.)

kirbyu1848d ago

I don't see why everyone so mad about that cancellation, I mean, you wouldn't even play as Mega Man.

Agent Smith1848d ago

You know what would be better to celebrate Mega Man's 25th anniversary? A new Mega Man game. >_>

DarkBlood1848d ago

this needs a dr evil meme lol

Knight_Crawler1848d ago

Honest question: Do people really beleive that Mega Man would transition well from last gen to this gen?

Mega Man is a platformer and I dont see it evolving from that which means that the market is niche and pure nostalgia.

Maybe they should release a PSN/XBLA game.

Kyosuke_Sanada1848d ago

Megaman Legends laid roots for releasing a great game this generation if they just followed it's infrastructure with the necessary improvements for graphics and gameplay. An open word Megaman shooter/RPG hybrid isn't that hard to believe if Mass Effect could get away with it.

MasterCornholio1848d ago

Great and im guessing it comes bundled with Megaman Legends 3.

Wait that game was cancelled?

Bloody Capcom.

Kratoscar20081848d ago

Capcom ENJOYS trolling the poor Megaman Fanbase.

PirateThom1848d ago

I'm glad I'm not a huge Mega Man fan because I really think Capcom are intentionally setting out to rile up that entire fanbase now.

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