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Submitted by AkatsukiPain 1016d ago | interview

They Changed Fighting Games, Now They’re Making Something New

by Evan Narcisse

Tom and Tony Cannon know about building communities. Specifically, communities where people compete in games in which characters pummel each other sensless. Now they want to make a game where avatars live together in (relative) harmony. But they say that Stonehearth — the city-building game that they’re trying to fund via a just-launched Kickstarter campaign — isn’t all that far removed from Street Fighter. Seriously.

Maybe you don’t know their names. You almost certainly know of what they’ve done, though. Heard of EVO, the world-renowned fighting game tournament? They started it with their friends. Ever visited Shoryuken, the leading website for fans of that genre? It’s another brainchild of theirs. Remember when all of a sudden playing a fighting game online wasn’t a horribly laggy experience? The Cannon-created GGPO middleware was to thank for that. (Kickstarter, PC)

Smashbro29  +   1016d ago
Should have asked for money for GGPO. That would have sold in a big way.

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