Mars: War Logs Review [Capsule Computers]

Sergei Lazarev of Capsule Computers writes:
I find it bizarre that around the same time I began playing this a private Dutch organisation started accepting applicants for a one-way trip to the Red Planet, a colonisation effort set to launch in 2023. Mars: War Logs is the latest in our long-running fascination with the close neighbour, and by now I’m beginning to think that planting our feet down on the surface is probably not the best idea.

Focus Home Interactive’s action RPG follows the conventions of the successful, conversation-driven formula that gamers have appreciated in some of the bigger titles over the years. Here we have an ambitious, cyberpunk offering built on a relatively tight budget but with an attractive price tag to match. Is it worth the six month voyage and getting dusty over? Pack some clothes, oh and no need for a pressure suit, they can breathe over there now.

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masterabbott1932d ago

i have this game and its awesome! have to agree with the reviewer said 100%

ZacE1932d ago

I have a penchant for these sorts of titles. I was tossing up between getting it or not; now I might just buy it.

1932d ago