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Submitted by chrispseuphoria 1015d ago | news

Seth Killian Tweets To PlayStation All-Stars Fans That They Are Working On More

PlayStation Euphoria: Seth Killian, the lead game designer at Sony Santa Monica, tweeted to the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale fanbase and has told them that other than resetting the tournament for a new set, Sony Santa Monica are "working on more of course" and "hope[s to give them] an update soon." (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, PS Vita, PS3)

majiebeast  +   1015d ago
Oh you Keth Sillian been to busy commentating on SF4AE at norcal regionals.
DarkBlood  +   1015d ago
i wonder if the servers are better havent really gone back into it because of that
Reverent  +   1015d ago
What's wrong with the servers? I haven't had any problems with it, and I have yet to, until now, see anyone else complain about them.

I don't mean to seem rude about this, I'm legitimately curious as to why you've been having issues.
AusRogo  +   1015d ago
I always get an error code, while searching for a game. I used to be able to play fine but I really can't now for some reason and my net settings haven't changed.. its fun as hell playing offline anyway so it doesn't bother me much :)
DarkBlood  +   1015d ago
its been a while but it usually takes so long to find a match or there would be errors where no one is moving but a few people meaning they were out of the game and its just now an empty AI

all in short Network needs improvement overall from disconnecting for some odd reason, obviously it doesnt effect everybody but it did for me and a psn friend from united states hers more so from wireless versus me wired
kupomogli  +   1014d ago
You've seen no one complain? There's constant complains about lag in the forums. Although there are those that will defend it regardless how bad it is. You point it out in videos and they deny it saying it doesn't affect the gameplay, when that sort of thing can be the difference between a win or a loss. Teleporting, lag grabs or lag kills. Good connections and the game has horrible netcode. 99% of all matches have more than a small portion of lag effects.
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RmanX1000  +   1015d ago
I really hope the All-Stars they have planned kick ass, and are actually All-Stars. I love Isaac but i dont think Zeus should've even been picked for anything more than a boss or something. I really dont want more God of War anything in All-Stars right now.
chrispseuphoria  +   1015d ago
Even though its highly unlikely, I hope we'll see a character from Persona 4. That series has been a PlayStation exclusive (except for Persona 4 Arena but that doesn't really count as a main entry in the series) and Yu, for example, should definitely be considered a PlayStation All-Star. (This comment came from your avatar).
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CaptainSheep  +   1015d ago
Right on, bro. Been asking for that since day 1.
A lot of people want Teddie, but I prefer Yu.
BiggCMan  +   1015d ago
Zeus is more "All-Star"..WAYYY more "All-Star" than Isaac is. Isaac has nothing to do with Playstation, he was most likely added because of the recent release of Dead Space 3. Zeus is an important part of God of War, thus meaning a lot to Playstation and the fans. You make zero sense saying you want more "All-Star" in the characters, yet you love Isaac...
kupomogli  +   1014d ago
Every third party character in the game is an advertisement. Isaac is no different than DmC Dante, TTT2 Young Heihachi, MGS Rising Raiden, and Bioshock Big Daddy(Infinite doesn't have Big Daddy but it's still Bioshock.)

There are no third party characters that people really wanted. Some people probably wanted Dante, sure, but not the DmC Dante, even though the game is good. I can tell you that no one wanted Heihachi, Big Daddy, or Raiden.
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kayoss  +   1015d ago
I love this game but the boss fight suck. Why it have to be a large head? Same thing with the marvel vs capcom series. Why I'm I fighting a large hand of galactic or apocolypse? Give me a true boss.
DarkHeroZX  +   1015d ago
Polyman was Playstation's original mascot, that's why they used a giant head.
kayoss  +   1015d ago
I understand that. But couldn't they represent him differently other than a giant head? 75% the time you're not fighting him, you're fighting slightly tougher versions of existing opponents.
Lifebanisher  +   1015d ago
i wonder if sony can barrow cloud since they are helping square enix with ff versus 13 now. i wonder if SQ would say yes to them?
CaptainSheep  +   1015d ago
I really think Joel will be the next DLC character. :D
Williamson  +   1015d ago
Would love to see another type of mode to play added along with more characters.
chrispseuphoria  +   1015d ago
What kinda modes were you thinking of?
r21  +   1015d ago
1vs1 would also be great and hope they improve the freaking networking system. Really hate the amount of disconnects i keep getting. Also, more JRPGs characters.
chrispseuphoria  +   1015d ago
JRPG characters are a must. PlayStation has been home to so many great JRPGs including Dragon Quest VIII, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Persona, and Ni No Kuni. We need to see some recognition! When the team at PlayStation Euphoria and I interviewed Omar Kendall, however, I do recall that he told us that they experimented with the idea so we could see it happen.
sherimae2413  +   1015d ago
i hope they add wander or yorda
or if not maybe a shadow of the collossus stage ^_^
Etseix  +   1015d ago
i still have my fingers crossed Wander it's hidding around from the actual rooster,
get Wander with his 1st super being the first colossi ( not so big on the screen) slamming his mace on the ground .
2nd super riding Agro for a certain time while he gets to chase players ( like Parappa with its skate board) .
3rd super, the Castle on the background, shooting energy balls to the players for a certain time.
doesn't matter, just hope they put him in u_U
kyrowomoqom   1015d ago | Spam
abzdine  +   1015d ago
i'm hoping for some Street Fighter and FF characters.
Soldierone  +   1015d ago
They should add a health style mode. The game already gets compared to SSB, so might as well just give everyone the mode they want.

Plus it gives you a reason to go knock the Helghast campers off the map.
Vanfernal  +   1015d ago
I want Juan from Guacamelee in PSASBR!!!! NOW!!!
kratoz1209  +   1015d ago
Yu from Persona 4 please :D
Kennytaur  +   1015d ago
A playable Patapon and a Gran Turismo stage thankyouverymuch!
Mr_Writer85  +   1015d ago
Vib ribbon anyone?
supremacy  +   1015d ago
Man if i were in charge i would work on bringing some Sony own characters like...

Gabe logan-Syphon filter
Jennifer tate-Primal
Lil&laarg-Escape plan
Dart felt-Legend of dragoon
Minamoto Yoshitsune-Genji
Nathan hale-Resistance
Leonard-white knight chronicles
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JoySticksFTW  +   1015d ago
I gave u a Bubble for "Intelligent" because I think it's stupid why this hasn't happened yet
supremacy  +   1014d ago
I mean these 3rd party characters you are seeing are just there for marketing purposes even if technically they dont make sense being in this game.

I remember when this game first surfice,many wanted big daddy even though having a character like him in this game didnt make any sense.

Raiden is in this game because of mgs rizing, and the new dante because of the new dmc game coming out. Yet, they stuck with the old hehachi from the old tekken series.

The sad truth is they are trying to use this game as a marketing tool, when truthfully their target consumers are looking for a traditional fighting game with iconic Playstation characters.

Is like they expect this game to be successful, instead of actually working to make it a success.

Sony japan alone have some interesting characters, yet this game barely represents any of them. if it werent for fans screaming for Kat, i seriously doubt she would have made it in this game.

What this game is missing is those fun colorful characters from the psone and ps2 era. You know the Blastos, the crash bandicoots, spyros, icos and so forth. And i get it, Sony doesnt own two of those anymore, but i am sure something could be worked out. Activision from what i understand isnt doing much with the crash liscence and can pretty much use this opportunity to make some change.

Even the right 3rd party cast can do this game wonders, not the ones used to promote new releases. People want the old dante, you know the one in mvc3, people want solid snake not necessarily raiden, and i am almost certain people want cloud over say lightning.

People who buy this game, are most likely seeking that nostalgia feeling. I dont know, maybe in the end its just easier said than done.
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aaronobst  +   1015d ago
I'd love more weapons too
mercyme   1015d ago | Spam
garos82  +   1015d ago
hell yes! can't wait to see what's next in store for psabr.

I think this game is criminally under sold.although some major characters are still missing in action,I find that the current roster is so well done and reflect their respective games accurately but most importantly the game is crazy and fun
DJ  +   1015d ago
I frickin love this game!
EvilJeffBridges  +   1014d ago
I hope they add wonderbook as a playable character.

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