‘NBA Live 14′ to feature popular Ultimate Team mode writes, "In recent years, one of the more popular and lucrative features for EA SPORTS’ titles has been Ultimate Team. While there hasn’t been a formal announcement for NBA Live 14, it appears that Ultimate Team will find its way in the series this year."

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Kingthrash3601850d ago

bet 5$ it gets cancelled....

Kevin263851850d ago

I think if they ever announce a release date, they are going to be 100% positive the game can actually release.

famoussasjohn1850d ago

Ever since the name change to NBA Elite, they've had release dates set but then would delay/cancel them. There were copies of the first NBA Elite that were sold on eBay after the game got canceled, so the game was ready to be sold It was just a broken product and has been for the last 3 or so years. Hell, last year they were going to release it digitally and that got canceled as well.

DeadlyFire1850d ago

EA actually going to release a game this time? I guess that depends on how much better 2K makes their next game. EA should save their money and stop trying if they really can't do any better.

famoussasjohn1850d ago

Will it be featured in stores too or get canned again?

strigoi8141850d ago

this will get cancelled just month before it hit the store shelves

NYC_Gamer1850d ago

EA doesn't have the talent to produce quality NBA or NFL games

2pacalypsenow1850d ago

I hope so i'm getting tired of 2k