New Grand Theft Auto Trailer Proves GTA V is the Ultimate Gift to GTA Fans

VG Republic Writes: O. M. G.

Yup those were the first words that went through my mind as I watched the new trailer from Rockstar introducing us to the latest characters in GTA V. Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are featured in the latest preview of the coming title in September and the proof is in the tape that not only the characters, but the game itself is exactly what gamers have been asking for. No matter what you wanted from the latest title in the Grand Theft Auto lineage, you have it here. There is a taste of every piece of GTA. First, Michael is a throw back to the Vice City setting, the mobster that robs banks and gets his cash anyway he can. Second, is Franklin that is the ideal fit for those that were craving a trip back to San Andreas, and finally there is Trevor who is probably the one that is toughest to relate to, but seems as though he fits somewhere between Nikko from Grand Theft Auto IV and Lost and the Damned, the DLC expansion for the latter game. This game is a big sloppy kiss from Rockstar to everyone that ever loved the Grand Theft Auto series.

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Ezio20481931d ago

I have said it before and will say it again......GTA V will be the best game this year....Bioshock infinite is great.....The last of us will be great but GTA V will be the best....

ShugaCane1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Yet you haven't seen any gameplay.

vishmarx1931d ago

i think alot of it was gameplay with the cinematic cam on...

xPhearR3dx1931d ago

Everything from the trailers was gameplay. Rockstar stated this many times already. They just use cinematic cameras.

cleverusername1931d ago

Go back and watch previous GTA trailers after playing the games and you'll see their trailers have mission gameplay in them

humbleopinion1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Bioshock Infinite or GTA V - doesn't matter: One game is already out and we all know what to expect from the quality of the second one based on developer track record. Take Two are already primed for 2013 Publisher of the year awards.

Which is a pretty solid record, considering how in 2012 they were rightfully also the publisher of the year, having released both Borderlands 2 and XCOM (among others, but these two really excelled).

ape0071931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

no doubt but other game are great too, im a gta fanboy and watch dogs looks SICK too

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TheSaint1931d ago

I don't like to wish my life away but COME ON SEPTEMBER!!!!

1931d ago
DeadManMcCarthy1931d ago

The Grove Street thing really surprised me. I'm thinking Franklin is some sort of relative to a Grove Street member. Might even be CJ's son.

NBT911931d ago

That would explain why they've only revealed their first names.

CapsLocke1931d ago

And the son shall continue his father's path - stealing cars form grandmas and punching hookers. What a great family.

Or it's just random dude. Like this game.

jony_dols1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

Unfortunately the current gen GTA's don't share the same 'universe' as the PS2 iterations. (with the exception of Lazlow & in-game products like Sprunk(lol))

More than likely we won't be seeing CJ, Tommy or Claude again (unless R* bring out another handheld spin-off using the old graphics engine).

Y_51501931d ago

I noticed in the trailer that they are wearing green clothing, but it showed the letters "LS" so it's now re-formed to "Los Street"?

crimsonfox1931d ago

In L.A. (or any other city in the world) Gangs will still wear a logo for a city because thats the city they are from. the colors are more important then the actual writing. I'm sure the "LS" still just stands for "Los Santos"

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