Darkzero: Rocketmen: Axis of Evil Review

It is that bad and a half hearted attempt at developing a game based on an idea that really should not have even made it through the planning stages. Everything about the game seems crude, whether it is the unnecessarily complicated upgrade system, the somewhat silly controls or the fact you can't play the game without feeling like you are been punished for all the bad things you have done throughout your life. There are much better PSN games available from other companies right now, and Capcom have much better coming in the future.

Even if you are itching for some action in this genre there really is no point in even trying Rocketmen as you just going to end up disappointed. Instead, why not go back and replay Zombies Ate My Neighbours and Alien Breed, they are still as good as they ever were, and at this rate will never be surpassed.

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