Beyond Two Souls: Reaction To Tribeca Film Festival Videogame Footage & Panel

by Eric Walkuski

The worlds of film and games collided this past weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, where this fall's highly-anticipated PS3 game BEYOND: TWO SOULS became the first video game to ever be considered an "Official Selection" of a film festival. A rather prestigious accomplishment, but perhaps not surprising in this project's case, as it comes from the very cinematic mind of David Cage and his studio, Quantic Dream, which brought us 2010's immersive, film nourish "Heavy Rain". That's enough to get gamers frothing at the mouth, I believe.

Cage brought with him about 35 minutes of footage from the game and participated in a brief Q+A afterward, along with actors Ellen Page, Kadeem Hardison and Eric Winter. Cage revealed that the gameplay of BEYOND: TWO SOULS is approximately 10 hours, so what we were shown was just a drop in the bucket, obviously. But if nothing else, we were given insight into the game elegantly rendered world.

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AkatsukiPain1934d ago

This quote really says alot about this game.

"I am not a gamer, so the gameplay of "Beyond: Two Souls" fascinated me. This isn't a first person shooter or typical action-horror experience; the "action" is all about making choices as the Jodie character. As you converse with other characters, you're given options as to how you should respond (enigmatically, sincerely). You can be curious or refuse offers, and each decision you make changes the plot of the story." (Obviously, the footage we were shown represented just one possibility of many.)

Its awesome seeing even a game that people try an say its just a movie but your missing the point. There are none gamers out there who would actually would love to just sitdown and actually play out the movie themselves with them controlling the outcome instead of just watching a movie. Catch my drift? This game will be awesome.

Shinra Tensei

Godchild10201934d ago

I agree. There are times while playing a game, watching a movie or TV show, where I wished something went differently, but I have no control over what happens.

I've always heard gamers and people say they wish video games and sometimes movies weren't so linear and Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and a few others break away from the linearity and give the gamers and people the choice to get to an end point, even if the end point is predetermined by the director from the beginning. But getting to that point is approached differently or received with different emotions.

The whole point of games like Beyond and heavy rain is to open the discussion between gamers and non gamers, so they can communicate and understand each other and not be lost in the discussion.

I enjoyed playing Heavy Rain and having someone watch and be intrigued by what happens or what might happen next is what made Heavy Rain an amazing title. And I'm sure beyond Two Souls will be the same way.

AkatsukiPain1934d ago

Totally agree with u & im just glad that David Cage keeps creating these kind of games because its a rare genre & im glad its starting to grow in popularity. If u notice there are starting to be alot of stars playing the roles in these games like the last of us and beyond two souls & a few other games. Games & Movies are starting to be a great combination & new way to experience your way of watching a movie because now you are able to control the movie & your outcome like you said. I cant wait, this game will be epic.

Shinra Tensei

BitbyDeath1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Yea, imagine if George Martin got in on this and made a Game of Thrones game where YOU get a say in what happens next.

Or even a DBZ version.

We need more of these interactive dramas not less.

AkatsukiPain1934d ago

^^ Good idea. But we can dream. =]

Shinra Tensei

humbleopinion1934d ago

"I've always heard gamers and people say they wish video games and sometimes movies weren't so linear"

It must be a really uninformed bunch of gamers. Non-linear gameplay is a common trait of any RPG game, as well as many graphical adventure games and visual novels. Or actually going a few decades back - all the way to text adventures such as Zork.

Games such as the ones David Cage makes are simply a reduction of this formula: stripping the all the RPG mechanics from an RPG game - keeping just the dialog choices and substituting any action mechanics with QTEs (which is basically what Dragon's Lair did ages back). These games are also different from classical graphical adventures because they usually confine you into a very small story segment.

I'm not saying that it's bad - quite the opposite: these type of interactive movies are very welcoming to non-gamers and movie lovers: The Walking Dead from Telltale is probably the best example of how such a game is done right. I'm only saying that this genre is not that rare or new: it was here all along (and very popular in Japan, where visual novels dominated PC gaming)

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joab7771934d ago

I am a hardcore gamer...trying to tackle dark souls right now. Anyway, all I know is that I was glued to that 35 minute demo and at the end I was mad that it was over. I knew it was the end, not knowing how long it had been, and I knew I would be hanging for awhile. I cannot wait to step into her, or their shoes. Some parts of the trailer look amazing and story already has me hooked.

1934d ago
coolbeans1934d ago

"The worlds of film and games collided this past weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, where this fall's highly-anticipated PS3 game BEYOND: TWO SOULS became the first video game to ever be considered an "Official Selection" of a film festival."

That's not true. LA Noire was selected for it back in 2011.

Tultras1934d ago

Lier ! Lier ! Pants on fire!!

Godchild10201934d ago

It's still the first platform exclusive to get considered as an Official Selection and maybe that's what the author meant?

coolbeans1934d ago

I don't see how that was what the author meant to say. And even it was, why bother pointing out something as irrelevant as its platform exclusivity except to get irredeemable Sony points?

ps3_pwns1934d ago

Beyond 2 souls gonna make gamers looose control. more excited for this then the superbowl. Quad AAAA titles still hittin hard, hitten heavy like rain this games gonna be insane.

ps3 leaving on a big note. ps4 gonna be opening up new doors just remeber playstation family is the best but at the end of the day the choice is still yours.

make the right one. beyond 2 souls gonna make yo face melt son!

medman1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

I never played Heavy Rain, primarily because I had the ending spoiled for me by a friend accidentally. I will be picking this game up day one however. Something different in gaming is always welcome by me. Beyond:Two Souls is at the top of my list, along with Watch_Dogs, The Last of Us, and of course GTA V. I hope each of them fulfill their promise, as Bioshock Infinite did earlier this year. An article on N4g recently suggested that single player was going the way of the dinosaur. Somebody should tell the author that the best games are the ones that involve great storytelling, not mindless and unending fragfests. Take a look at this generations games of the year for your evidence.

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