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A Question for Microsoft Illumiroom: What If I Don’t Have a Coffee Table?

VG Republic Writes: The Microsoft Illumiroom was shown off for the first time at CES 2013 just a couple of months ago, but more information about the upcoming ‘room accentor’ is creeping up before the May 21st reveal of the next Xbox. While this isn’t all that surprising as Microsoft didn’t announce what system the Illumiroom would be released for, the more surprising piece is that it was discovered that the upcoming attachment is intended for the Xbox 720 instead of the already released Xbox 360. For information to be leaked about the uses for the new unit, by Microsoft, before the event later in May was a little odd, but past all of that is the information about how the unit will function and it’s intended uses for consumers. As reported by Computer and Video Games, the Illumiroom adds on to the experience by accenting your room with virtual surroundings or extends the field of view for a given title. It did seem as though the attachment was slightly discriminatory toward a group of people that don’t enjoy a piece of accent furniture as it is being marketed as a ‘Coffee Table Accessory’… but what if I don’t have a coffee table Microsoft? (Microsoft, Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   606d ago
Hang it on the ceiling. Lol play my games in a tiny ass bedroom so I can't put it in front of my TV.
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shivvy24  +   606d ago
as a playstation fan , i gotta say this illumiroom thing looks pretty cool , imagine taking a jump of a cliff in one of those fps games with illumifoom :D ! BTW this would look better if they stuck a tv in the middle of an empty wall !
MonkeyNinja  +   606d ago
It would look better against an empty wall, but then people would say, "What if I have things on my wall around the TV?". This way you can see how it still works without a blank wall, plus to show that cool cartoony outline effect on the book shelves. That was cool.
ArchangelMike  +   606d ago
Sounds cool and all, but yeah, I don't have a coffee table. Infact, of all my mates who own consoles, none have a coffee table in front of their tv.
PigPen  +   606d ago
Stack a few milk crates. Imagination goes a long ways. If I didn't have a coffee table that's what I will do. If you seek, you will find.
Fishy Fingers  +   606d ago
The Meerkat  +   606d ago
This is pretty cheap

shivvy24  +   606d ago
holy shit that is cheap !
Zcarnut  +   606d ago
LOL..I bought a coffee table version of that same item for my waiting room at work for 18 bucks. It looks nice, but is incredibly light.Like its made out of styrofoam light.Wouldnt dare try to rest my feet on it!
darx  +   606d ago
Then don't buy it
sprinterboy  +   606d ago
Just like myself when I bought the GT steering wheel for gran turismo, I used my human brain and made something to use it with, there lots of ideas to put the box on lol.
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Bathyj  +   606d ago
Ha, thats funny cos when I saw it the first thing I thought was that looks pretty cool, but I dont have a coffee table.
BitbyDeath  +   606d ago
Maybe MS should offer a coffee table with every illumiroom sold. *snicker*
BanBrother  +   606d ago
ArchangelMike  +   606d ago
guess how I'ma dealin' wit it... thats right by not getting one. On a more serious note though, my lounge is used by the whole family at various times. There are very few times I can use the lounge exclusively without someone else. I'm not sure they're always going to want to be in the middle of my game.
Kingthrash360  +   606d ago
Awesome quesrion....they may say...sit it on your lap..lol
PigPen  +   606d ago
Ha, balance it on your head.
green  +   606d ago
I have a coffee table so no biggy for me. But if you do not own one then the simple answer is to not buy illumiroom because it is not a necessity or a requirement to play the next XBOX games.
darx  +   606d ago
You make too much sense!
sway_z  +   606d ago
This is a dumb article...You have a nice big screen TV and expensive console, have a mild interest in this tech, but you have no Coffee Table??

Low quality game (so called) journalism at its most pointless.
dcbronco  +   606d ago

I guess there really isn't a reason to complain though. It's not a always on article.
Sideras  +   606d ago
That looked really fuckinng lame.
GreenRanger  +   606d ago
Maybe the IllumiRoom device has extendable legs that you can attach to it?
That would solve a few problems such as having no coffee table and adjusting the required height of the device.
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DigitalRaptor  +   606d ago
1. If you don't have one you're not left with many options. They'll need to figure out a solution to that.

2. If you use Kinect, prepare to keep moving your coffee table out the way to ensure enough space to play.

3. This whole concept, whilst it sounds cool (just like Natal sounded cool), realistically it's a distraction from what's in the composition of the screen. It's looks nothing more than a distracting gimmick to me. Whatever is outside the screen looks out of place and ironically, less immersive.

Are Microsoft REALLY counting in this as a bullet point feature of the next Xbox?
josephayal  +   606d ago
Dont worry concrete blocks will cost you less than $1 a piece
inStereo  +   606d ago

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