Japanese Gamers Still Not Keen on Online Play

Armchairempire reports: "A new survey has come out, polling Japanese gamers on a number of issues. Most notably of the results is that gamers there are still not all that interested in online gaming, instead preferring in-person multiplayer gaming. More than half of those surveyed said that they were wary of online gaming, with over 25% of respondents saying that online gaming was for the geeky.

Looking at the survey, it would certainly help to explain why Nintendo and Sony have been so slow to embrace online gaming".

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kingjk3686d ago

smh, we will these people step into the future

sa_nick3685d ago

Just because online gaming is now possible doesnt mean it's anymore "the future" than single player. I still have the most fun playing single player games, going through missions and a story.

Plus yeah, online gaming is filled with douchebags.

destroyah3686d ago

Japanese people have lives and jobs. They're not like 360 owners, middle aged virgins that still live with their moms trying to get useless "achievements".

Tempist3686d ago

That and it is a little depressing to get online only to find it's full of douchbaggery and the like. Not to mention botting drains the fun from games, so what's the point in the end?

beoulve3686d ago

I guess they must have a pretty private culture. Last thing they want is to get disturbed while playing games. You know especially the trash talking foul mouthed kid.

perseus3686d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

Maybe, but Japanese kids aren't any different from American kids.

In FPSs like COD4 (for PS3 anyway), people are much quieter than on English servers for the most part. Most people (usually) only talk about tactics in game.

But when a younger kid starts playing, it's like Halo. Racist crap, stupid music, etc. Not every kid, obviously, but you only need one to ruin a game.

Shinro3686d ago

prefer playing in-person multiplayer than with other people online.

it's more exciting that way. :D

hunter213686d ago

thats so ironic, since japan is one of the most advance in technology in the world and people are lack of online gaming, thats odd

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