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Gaming Union: "Injustice: Gods Among Us is a grand package that will please the fanbase of both communities. DC fans will delight in the fantastic stages, cameos, comic book references and the awesomely designed characters voiced by the familiar vocals of Kevin Conroy and George Newburn. Fighting game fans will definitely approve of the solid gameplay mechanics and greatly appreciate the inclusion of character specific frame data found in Training Mode. Although there's much to be desired in its online play (and its developing roster), Injustice is a must have no matter which walk of life you hail from."

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mephman1935d ago

Seems like a pretty solid game, based on the reviews.

Torchwood41935d ago

Gonna have to get up a little earlier than that to fool me into playing ANOTHER fighting game...

ShawnCollier1934d ago

Sounds like it would be an injustice to not play the game.