Who Wishes The Most Anticipated PS4 Launch Title Wasn't A FPS?

Killzone: Shadow Fall is certainly the most exciting PS4 launch title for most gamers, but does anyone wish the leading game had been...something else?

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majiebeast1154d ago

Who says it is they also showed Infamous:Second son and will probably show more at E3. They are not gonna show their entire hand at a unveiling.

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Nitrowolf21154d ago (Edited 1154d ago )

the whole lineup hasn't even been announced yet. Wait till E3 dammit, calm you're nips FFS.

Ken221153d ago

For me its this and Drive club.I do like the other ones but these two are my mains.

WeAreLegion1153d ago

My most anticipated is inFamous: Second Son! :D I'll be getting all the announced launch titles, however. Knack, Killzone, Drive Club, Ghost (Working Title), Watch Dogs, and Battlefield 4 will all be great!

SolidDuck1153d ago

I love the killzone series so I'm pumped for shadow fall. If that's not your thing wait till after e3 when many other games will be shown.

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The story is too old to be commented.