DUST 514: Almost One Year On | IGN

IGN: "At EVE Fanfest in Iceland last year, Dust 514 was introduced to the world with a spectacular set-piece: a squadron of mercenaries playing on PS3 calling in a real-time orbital strike from a player piloting a spaceship in EVE. It was an impressive and easy-to-understand symbol for the wider integration of this new multiplayer FPS into a persistent, ever-changing world that is already home to several hundred thousand players and their Internet spaceships.

Since beta testing began almost a year ago, though, things haven’t been so clear, and those grand co-operative moments have only just started materialising in-game."

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Irishguy951849d ago

Awesome it is right now. All should play, especially on April 5 when the new update comes around

HammadTheBeast1848d ago

May 5th is new Update, and May 14th is the release and a smaller update with new weapons, maps, and modes.

Emilio_Estevez1848d ago

Ahhh IGN.....there are no jets or motorbikes coming in the next build, that is false. That is something they will look to add down the line.

Also, I just want to point out that DUST has gotten a bad wrap from a lot or people and journalists for many reasons. I don't think people realize this was an actual Beta. This wasn't like the PS+ Betas where it was really just a server stress test. This was an actual Beta and players helped change the game, influencing it greatly. I was in closed Beta and this game has progressed tremendously since then. The new build looks like it make the game so much better on top of that.