Today in History: April 30th, 1999 – Bloody Roar 2 Tackles PSOne

Triverse writes, "Back during the 32-Bit days, fighting games were huge, bigger than they are today that is for sure. Gaming companies were all trying to get in on the fighting game craze that showed no signs of slowing down (it arguably started with Street Fighter II in the early 90′s). We saw Sonic (and eventually Mario and company), comic book characters and even cars get involved (can anyone name the game that featured a car as a combatant?)."

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majiebeast1936d ago

God i miss Bloody roar and Rival schools. And now i feel old.

maniacmayhem1936d ago

If there was ever a series that needed triumphant return it is definitely Bloody Roar!

I have said in past posts but give this game to the Tekken team. Bloody Roar fighting mechanics with a touch of Tekken controls and definitely Tekken graphics.

OR give this game to Platinum! OH HELL YEA! Platinum would hook this game up. Make it a Nintendo exclusive too! ;)

Baka-akaB1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I agree except with the tekken part . The game doesnt need at all tekken controls and needs to remain true to its core .Besides it was always pretty good looking . It just need Konami to stop letting franchises rot

Bloody Roar 4 was badly marketed and released in a sea of titles .

Neo-Axl1936d ago

I remember my dad coming back from Virgin Megastore (back when they were the HMV in the UK) with this game, me and my brother played this for hours & hours, the beast transformations were insane!

ahhh! memory lane.

Adolph Fitler1936d ago

Bloody Roar on PS4 would be absolutely sick....Damn, imagine how good the human to beast transformations would be on that tech. An American Werewolf In London comes to mind (still "THE BEST" werewolf transformation caught on film, to date.....I mean, it looks so much more realistic than ALL that have come after it, & it shows how much better "Old School" makeup is, than this CGI BS).....

Anyway, Bloody Roar, & as an above guy already mentioned, a revival of Rival Schools, would be an awesome couple of old fighters coming back for some more rounds. I mean, surely both these games had big enough audiences to warrant sequels? I could be wrong, but I was sure the Japanese went crazy for both titles, & they both also still have huge fanbases, as evidenced by every fight game topic, on every sight, when Rival Schools is always brought up & people are salivating for it's revival into the game world, & to a lesser degree, same goes for Bloody Roar. And, Bloody Roar was no less a game than ANY of the top ones, it was just poorly marketed, & didn't have the depth & scope in it's characters, as something like SF, Tekken or SF.
But, if it were given a total overhaul, & the characters were given a bit more thought, & given some soul (so to speak), & some worthwhile background, as well as just made to look fricken cool, then I think the game would sell like hotcakes, & gain a massive NEW audience.....I mean, turning into a tiger, lion, rhino or whatever other animal capable of ripping, tearing, trampling, maiming us to death without breaking a sweat, is so cool, it seems impossible.....So, why the hell aren't we playing this games PS3 sequel/s, why shouldn't a new Bloody Roar be in the launch window lineup of games?

Skate-AK1936d ago

Never played it. Always heard about it though. I played mostly RPG's on PS1.

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