Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review [Capsule Computers]

Zac Elawar of Capsule Computers writes:

"Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, at first, seemed like a well-crafted, committed April Fools’ joke. But, the registration with the Australian Classification Board quickly proved it to be a real title. A standalone game, Blood Dragon is built on the Far Cry 3 base/engine, but provides an entirely different experience… a “VHS reality” set in the “future”; 2007, where “the apocalypse has had an apocalypse”. Blood dragons roam the land, genetic experimentations are the norm and Sgt. Rex Power Colt has been rebuilt into a Mark IV Cyber-Commando post Vietnam War II. Is there any reason why you shouldn’t play this?…"

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militissanctus1630d ago

10/10? Holy cow. I really enjoyed the original game. Definitely have to check it out now!!

spicelicka1630d ago

Lol "the apocalypse has had an apocalypse"

masterabbott1630d ago

this is a must buy! awesome game!