Old-school becomes new-school with Innex's Super Retro Trio

Fans of retro video games will soon have a new multi-format gaming console on which to play them thanks to video game hardwarecompany Innex. Just announced, the Super Retro Console and Adapter by Retro-bit provide brand-new hardware with which gamers can play old-school games for NES, SNES, GENESIS, and GBA.

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Smashbro291723d ago

These are just emulators that play carts.

Haules1723d ago

"Innex will be listing the console at $69.99 USD"
"The link cable itself is not included. Innex is listing this item for $39.99 USD."
"both the console and the adapter together as the Super Retro Bundle for $89.99 USD."

This is a joke, right?

RyanDJ1723d ago

$39.99 item is the GB adapter, not the link cable. Poorly spaced sentences when reading quick.

RyanDJ1723d ago

Look up the RetroN5 from Hyperkin. Does more, HDMI port, no adapter needed, wireless controllers, releasing later this year.

Smashbro291723d ago

None of these clones are nearly as good as an original console.