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Submitted by stylishjerk 1019d ago | opinion piece

Are Nintendo's Most Hardcore Fans Hurting Nintendo?

Nobody likes a yes man, and lately it seems like some of Nintendo’s most hardcore fans are falling into that category. Nintendo, in my opinion has been making some pretty odd decisions. Not revolutionary (this is going to change the world decisions), but just plain odd. And, some of the hardcore fans continue to not only support these decisions, but see them as a positive.

Weak Third Party Support: “I don’t care, I only buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games, I don’t need anything else”..

Dev Support Understaffed: “Nintendo games need to take their time to make classics”…

Archaic Online, No Achievements (Trophy), Basic Features: “Achievements are for college fratboys…I like to play alone.”

Games Locked On Console:” It’s to protect their investment.”

No E3 Conference…!:” I like Nintendo Directs…who needs E3, I don’t want another Usher concert”…

Look I like Nintendo games, but the cheerleading has to stop. As a Nintendo consumer, its baffling at some of the decisions Nintendo has been making for the WiiU. Nintendo will not improve unless fans are serious about improvements. (Nintendo, Wii U)

LOL_WUT  +   1019d ago
This article is very spot on and as mentioned in the last paragraph Nintendo fans need to be more vocal about the company's missteps.

Another thing that the article didn't touch upon is how Nintendo fans just can't accept any sort of criticism towards Nintendo, without being labeled a hater or a troll. ;) Just look at Shokio's newest video for proof.

"Nintendo will not improve unless fans are serious about them improving"
PopRocks359  +   1019d ago
I would be able to take this comment more seriously if you weren't either bashing Nintendo in one article or going on and on about a price cut in another.

The people bashing Shokio in that video are extremists, blind loyalists who probably don't know any better, that much is true especially considering that while I don't necessarily agree with hist stance on the issue, he brought up some damn good points.

But how heavily fan praise/criticism affects Nintendo's choices is debatable. Obviously there is some influence when taking Earthbound's Virtual console announcement into account, but then a lot of the missteps from the Wii made their way into the Wii U (locking games to accounts, no cross-game party chat, etc.) despite constant scrutiny over these issues when almost every other digital outlet had found a much better way to handle it.

So don't go and generalize. There are fans who will defend their favorite company to the ends of the earth and there are sensible ones who will be conscious about these flaws and be critical of them.
Root  +   1019d ago
I would be able to take yours seriously if I didn't know that you do the exact opposite...defend them left and right, makes blogs over and over about them and bash anyones opinion as "Nintendo haters2 when in fact all we can see is that Nintendo haven't been on top form lately

No one criticized them when the Wii became a success and they went to the top....people praised them and were happy for them, I mean who wouldn't but over the years they've just went down and down and down untill they've reached rock bottom

Lack of Wii U information when it was announced
Lack of games after launch
Nintendo missing E3 when the Wii U NEEDS exposure
The Wii U's price...not worth it fully
Nintendo saying they don't need advertisement
Not looking a head with third party support

It's just criticism at the end of the day, some people just can't stand living in a bubble. I was the same when Sony were entering this gen being big headed that the Xbox 360 wasn't a threat and look were it got them, now they learnt from their mistakes and are back on form. Microsoft isn't doing very well in the core department and feel like their entertainment services are need more then gaming services.'s just observation, you don't need to put people down. I understand if it was a comment like "I HATE NINTENDO"..."NINTEND O SUCK" but some of them aren't.
N4g_null  +   1019d ago
You know criticizing stuff is all fine and dandy. You have to understand some thing about nintendo. They only understand sales. If it sales or has potiential they are all on it.

If it is a fanboy rather for them or against them they don't hear that. To believe complain means a thing on the Internet is not being realistic.

Look Mario kart was hated by the hardcore lol. 30 million sold.
Wii fit hated by all hardcore sold 20 million.

I mean I could go on. Words are only words. Sales mean way more. Vote with your dollar man.

Smear champaing only works if no one likes a product.

Yet Xbox and Sony fans paint their fav companies into finacial corners much like what happed to sega. If nintendo is in such shape that they need to change then we will see another ps2 moment. As much as people claim n64 and Ngc where the best I can say I really didn't enjoy the majority of games on those systems. Yet the wii fixed those engine problem and 3d game play problems.
ChickeyCantor  +   1019d ago
"I would be able to take yours seriously if I didn't know that you do the exact opposite...defend them left and right, makes blogs over and over about them and bash anyones opinion as "Nintendo haters2 when in fact all we can see is that Nintendo haven't been on top form lately "

Says the one bashing Nintendo left and right.
Whether Nintendo fans bettered Nintendo, you would still come and go with your bias against Nintendo.

"Nintendo missing E3 when the Wii U NEEDS exposure "

No they are not missing it.
They will have a closed presentation to business people and will still showcase their games on their booth. They just won't have their usual presentation. That's what Nintendo Direct are for now. They release their key information on those videos including trailers and announcements.

Bash whatever you want, but I notice you going for poprock specifically. I thought you were done arguing with PopRock? So why bother provoking it with your nonsense?
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stylishjerk  +   1019d ago
I agree. Some of the Nintendo's criticism remarks are "trolls", but for the most part they are very accurate. Most of the criticism is to make Nintendo a better company. Im a Nintendo fan, and a big Sony fan as well. I remember when Sony was going through some hard times, they had some pretty rough criticism from the fans. And in return we got a more affordable Ps3, better online features (playstion plus), bigger investment in new Ip's, etc. This might not have had happened if gamers didn't tell Playstation what they wanted.
PopRocks359  +   1019d ago

"I would be able to take yours seriously if I didn't know that you do the exact opposite...defend them left and right, makes blogs over and over about them and bash anyones opinion as "Nintendo haters2 when in fact all we can see is that Nintendo haven't been on top form lately"

Hey buddy, have you ever tried not lying about me when responding? I've already posted comments AND blogs being critical of Nintendo. If you're not going to take the time to acknowledge it then you're just being a blind troll yourself.
phantomexe  +   1019d ago
@ LOL WUT ___Your right up until you said nintendo fans can't take any kind of criticism. Maybe your new to this site but as a big playstation supporter myself sonyfanboys are the worst and this site is loaded with them. They can take 0 criticism at all and i've been coming to this site since 2006. Real gamers play great games and don't care which consule its on. Nintendo does a great deal right and a great deal wrong but so does sony and ms. Your right about nintendo fans needing to raise kane with nintendo but please don't pretend that ms or sony fans rise above criticism because this site is littered with proof they do not.
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truechainz  +   1019d ago
First off I will say that this does happen with Nintendo fans. The one thing I must say though is that you can't pretend like this is a new phenomenon unique to Nintendo fans. This is a trait of a fanboy, and fanboys have existed ever since people have had material possessions that they can own. So this article is pointless, and is only highlighting Nintendo because it is doing the "worst" right now. If that changes you can bet you will see an article just like this with another company's name in the title.

Secondly, lets not pretend like Nintendo will make any major changes because fans ask for it. I could fill a book with all the things that Nintendo fans have been asking for FOR YEARS and have never received. So that is why the only way Nintendo will change from fan request is if everybody immediately stopped buying their games. And I can tell you that won't happen because their games have not stopped being fun plain and simple. Nintendo is gonna be Nintendo and no amount of badgering from the media will change that (which is why I assume they are pretty much trying to work around the media anyway).
Shok  +   1019d ago
Nintendo gets exaggerated, sometimes completely unnecessary hate these days.

BUT, the times where there IS a serious problem, or Nintendo does something extremely stupid, coming from a Ninty fan, I have to agree to a certain extent that Nintendo fans (or should I say extremists) defend every single decision Nintendo makes, even if it's blatantly stupid. Like this E3 conference situation for instance. I must say it's rather annoying to see such sheeple.
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sherimae2413  +   1019d ago
yeah, that conversations and pointless arguments are annoying..
as if they really dont want nintendo to be criticized and must always be praised at anytime....
thats why many of ninty fans are called kids because of their immature and childish acts, and ther famous "brag about sales" meme
but in general, fanboys/girls of all platforms are annoying ^_^
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RTheRebel  +   1019d ago
You know Sony Drones are far worse Shokio lol
Utalkin2me  +   1019d ago
No, what is far worse is people that think they know it all.
kneon  +   1019d ago

Excluding those of us that do know it all of course :)
OwlEyes  +   1019d ago
Yep. Look at all the Vita excuses.

"LOL! It's totally gonna beat the flop that is the 3DS" - It didn't.
"Of course it flopped in Japan, it was designed for Western gamers!" - It flopped over here too.
"Wait till E3 2012!" - They didn't reveal anything.
"COD will be a system seller!" - 30% Metacritic.
"Wait till a price drop!" - Price drop arrived in Japan, after a few weeks, system's back to almost the same level.
"Soul Sacrifice will be a Monster Hunter beater!" - it wasn't.
"Everyone will buy it to use as a PS4 controller!!!!"
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sherimae2413  +   1019d ago

i think the sony fanboys can also said the same thing to wii u right? like all the vita excuses you comment,
and please the vita has nothing to do here and the same for the wii u....
didnt the 3ds, ps3 also go through with this but look at them now, they are full of games..

we all know within ourselves that these two new systems will definitely hold its ground and will continue to stay and deliver the games that we all expecting for

let set aside our insecurities, even if we only prefer one platform, may it be nintendo, sony or ms, it would be nice if we could talk about our systems and its games without talking nonsense or bashing at each other

and please can we just stop this sales talks or who has the best exclusives because in the end we are just only gamers and only consumers ^_^
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1019d ago
You might be right Shok they might be making a mistake, we will see.
I am one of those who believe that Nintendo skipping the conference (not E3) may be a good idea.
I have seen some people and Press, agree with it and some of those people aren't even Nintendo fans.

I don't consider myself a Sheeple for agreeing because:

- I am not following the crowd.
All of the disagrees I got each time I posted my opinion are evidence.

-I am not following the conventional way/ the system.
Since Nintendo is trying to do something NEW rather than just following the Herd.

-And I am not even following my Heart. (I want a Press Conference)
I am being pragmatic about all of this.

>Last 2 press conferences where panned by almost all, Iwata and Miyamoto's accents was made fun of, the press have a bias, Nintendo is not exp. with HD so the game's visuals may be fault worthy, Nintendo almost always shines at Game play. <

-Lastly, I realize that I Nintendo and I could be wrong.
But I don’t knock originality. .

They are doing something with the Press on the day that they would normally have the conference -
- It might be better to have select press play all of their games rather than having all of them ONLY look at their games And judging every offering by the PS4 and the XB720.
Hicken  +   1019d ago
Yeah, it's obviously not every fan. Some fans- you among them- have realistic outlooks on the company, and don't try to ignore or explain away any problems the company might be having.

But there are others who just can't believe that Nintendo could do ANY wrong.

Even so, I don't think they're really hurting Nintendo. Unless they were some majority- I doubt they are- that Nintendo would have cause to pay significant attention to, I don't think they do much more than make themselves look bad.

And the less blinded fans tend to suffer image tarnishing, as well.
MilkMan  +   1019d ago
The only thing hurting Nintendo was Nintendo. Its the fans that keep them running and will keep them going.

All Nintendo needs to do is keep releasing great titles after great titles and the new tech is flexible enough to accommodate the trends that are on the horizon while still staying true to the Nintendo way of doing things.
kirbyu  +   1019d ago
The reason achievements are pointless is because they don't do anything. Also, an achievement is wasted potential if you get it for something you're gonna do anyway. Just think about it, which would be better, getting one for beating the final boss, or for beating the final boss without taking damage?

Nintendo fans supporting Nintendo's bad decisions is such a big deal. If M-soft or Sony made these decisions, their fans would say the same things.
#4 (Edited 1019d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
stylishjerk  +   1019d ago
I'm not an achievement whore by any means, but there are people who love them and it should be a pretty standard feature. I know some who take it to serious, but it is cool to look at your friends achievements and see that they beat a story mission or they accomplished a task. Or you can message your friend to do a co-op mission that you would not have done otherwise if there was not a achievement.
Mathew9R   1019d ago | Spam
josephayal  +   1019d ago
meh! i’m sure Nintendo don’t lose with every WII u sold
danitanzo  +   1019d ago
I wouldn't say so... I would say it was the more casual audience who gave the wii so many sales or people who only play mario games... Of course, those could be the most hardcore fans... meh
SAYGUH  +   1019d ago
I gotta say this article has a point & I'm ma fan. My bro is a M$ fan, we debate all the time & I never praise all that Ninty does. In my opinion Achievements serve no purpose other than braggin rights, we need cross game chat, updated account system, better eshop, hell even SEGA made mature content on their own. Lastly if I didn't forget anything, the Mii's need to jazz it up with accessories, more color options, piercings, etc
PigPen  +   1019d ago
Everyone has a opinion and that's fine. After all thats why we are all here. What I don't like is a person saying what they believe is a fact. OK, so Nintendo don't have every third-party on board, I wouldn't call it weak. Like only games I have as of now is "Super Mario U". I'll admit that it gets little play time from having only one game. Four months from now my xbox will be dead from having no more use, and here is why. These are the games I will get.

Deus Ex: HRDC
Zelda: WindWaker
Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Rayman: Legends
Project Cars
Luigi DLC Super Mario U
X (Monolith Project)
Call of Duty: Ghosts

Now those are the games I will be getting and have the cash to do so.

Lego City: Undercover
Batman: Origins

I still not sure yet.

Watch Dogs

I not sure that will be the platform I will purchase that game on, but the gamepad put it highly in the race. I have a life outside gaming and online, that's more games I can handle. I don't care about "Trophy". I didn't care for it on my Xbox360 or Wii. Again that's my opinion, but I am not out trying to sell others my believe. BTW, I mentioned "Call Of Duty: Ghost" in hope that there will be more people online this time from what I was hearing.
StraightedgeSES  +   1019d ago
Nintendo fans who keep saying I buy Nintendo console for Nintendo first party titles is the reason why Nintendo have little third party support.
mercyme   1019d ago | Spam

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