Suck My Controller: NOOOO DEAD ISLAND

This week the Gamers Heroes staff talks about Hangovers, EA Layoffs, Wavebird controllers and the babyfication of video games. They also break down Dead Island Riptide to try to portray why people shouldn't play it. They take a small detour to talk about what the future of free to play games are and answer some community questions at the end.

Games Talked About:
Grand Theft Auto V
Dead Island Riptide
Don't Starve
Battleblock Theater
Splinter Cell Blacklist
Super Mario World
Virtual Console
Sanctum 2
Poker Night 2
Rayman Challenges App

Topics Talked About:
EA Partners Done and Layoffs
The Sheldster
Grand Theft Auto V Hype
Weekly Launches
Dynex Computer Accessories
Monster Energy
England Police and Flaming Sticks
Wavebird Controllers
The Babyfication of Games

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mcbrid551789d ago

To bad about those EA layoffs, lot of good people got the can.