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"Thomas Was Alone is weird. At its core, it's a game about rectangles with unique abilities that need to be utilized to advance through puzzles. While it might sound entirely basic—and it is—it's also a game that's made me give a flying quadrilateral about these blocks, which I didn't know was possible, even though I've been playing video games since my nubs could hold a controller." - Kevin Schaller

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ftwrthtx1908d ago

Haven't played this one yet, but I'm thinking I need to with all of the great reviews.

majiebeast1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I got it free on Plus but otherwise i would have bought it. You should definatly buy it to show support, its a good game and we need more games like this and Guacemelee.

Wedge191908d ago

Sounds like one that I will have to check out!

Wrightylfc881908d ago

I don't know why people like this game its so boring! Id give it 1 out of 5 an that's being generous