What is good DLC and bad DLC?

WWC: "Sometimes fans want it, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes the developers want to add it in shortly before the game’s release, and sometimes it’s planned way ahead, or so consumers think. It’s been a very controversial topic of discussion since its inception during this console generation, and it won’t go away any time soon. I’m referring to Downloadable Content, most often abbreviated as DLC."

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SirBradders1969d ago

Good dlc is free and bad dlc is paid for simples.

PirateThom1969d ago

It's not that simple.

I think paid DLC can be good, if it adds a new dimention or something extra to the game.

The GTAIV DLC would be an example of good paid DLC. It adds a lot, it changes some fundamentals of the game.

Bad paid DLC is things like map packs that split an online community.

RBlue_Desire1969d ago

Good DLC

Artorias of the abyss.
Enhanced Edition of witcher.
Skyrim DLC.

Bad DLC.

Map packs with less than 5 maps.
Character Skins.
Horse Armor.

AllroundGamer1969d ago

yeah i like my DLC like my online play... free :)

Blacktric1969d ago

"Good dlc is free and bad dlc is paid for simples."

So, eventhough you have a black knight from Dark Souls in your avatar, do you think Artorias Of The Abyss was a bad DLC?

Come on man.

MariaHelFutura1969d ago

It's similar to games.

Good- Well thought out and produced w/ passion.

Bad- Rushed out and corners cut.

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aaronobst1969d ago

Expansion packs like the PC games of old are good, This DLC tripe is absurd...

How did this get so out of hand in the space of a single generation?

ps3_pwns1969d ago

xbox 360 gamers is the anwser to your question aaronobst. thats all they hyped at the start of this gen is xbox lives dlc and timed dlc's and exclusive dlcs. they embraced everything thats been going wrong in the name of console wars. they embraced 60 dollars online fees, dashboard and ads all over the x360 interface, on disk dlc. getting consoles banned for doing nothing, rrod, etc. and pc gamers and nintendo gamers joined xbox360 fanboys instead of being on the ps3 side like they should have. now they got sim city drms and diablos crap drms and such. nice one pc gamers.

weekev151969d ago

Good DLC is something that adds to a game without taking away from it if you decide not to purchase it.

Bad DLC is something you need to buy to full yexperience a game. EG good DLC = anything done by Rockstar (Gta 4 was great, red dead redemption : undead nightmare was great)

Bad DLC = most things by Activision - map packs for COD online, Skylanders (mainly because it's on disc DLC which is absurd)

dangert121969d ago

I prefer my DLC to come in expansions packs, like GTA/Fall Out/Dragon age's ''Awakening'' etc

Bad DLC is Map packs on day one, costumes, Map Packs should have 8-10 maps in none ]

I know you get my drift

MasterCornholio1969d ago

Good DLC: DLC exclusive to the PlayStation.

Bad DLC: DLC exclusive to the XBOX

Lol just kidding.

But I honestly believe that the best DLC are expansions that add a ton of content to the game instead of just armor (horse armor) or buffs that make the game easier (Dead Space 3)

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