The Potential of Grand Theft Auto V to Be Great of Awful

"When it comes to Rockstar games, I’ll admit that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with them. In a way, I grew up playing Grand Theft Auto games, starting back in 1997 when the original Grand Theft Auto was released for the PC."| Explosion

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ichimaru1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

If I feel the same sense of "forced realism" i felt playing gta 4 I will personally be disappointed. thankfully what I've seen from the trailers show the series returning to its roots.

would love to personally see character body customization though ala san andreas

Salooh1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Rockstar always try to make their games more lean to adults. It's always been like this. They evolve to make their games interesting. Graphics are included too.

This time they are trying to make GTAV appeal to all people. By adding 3 characters and each have his own story and atmosphere. It's great idea to make the story more interesting and in the same time all people are happy with it..

We still don't know everything about the gameplay. But it looks like it's more lean to san andreas.

ichimaru1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

"Rockstar always try to make their games more lean to adults. It's always been like this. They evolve to make their games interesting. "

I agree the series has always been adult title. But san andreas was no more mature in content than Vice city, if anything it got wackier with jet packs, and Clown hair. GTA4 broke the magic balance between compelling story and free hearted chaos by taking away many of the same tools that made the series for sake of maturation and real life continuity. No Jetpacks, planes or even flame throwers in Liberty city because it didn't fit "the theme" of the game?

Salooh1971d ago

Yea, the gameplay wasn't this realistic but in it's time it was mature compared to the other games. The vision was more serious and violence when you think about the characters and the gameplay. Other games didn't have this much of variety and fun in one world. So it was more realistic in content way too..

I'm not worried or expecting anything. Rockstar know what they are doing. I loved gta iv for it's serious story but i agree with you guys with the gameplay. It lack of fun factor. But as you see they learned the mistake. The trailers shows that we will have a serious story but with fun gameplay just like san andreas..

But i kind of wish if they make the vehicles more realistic. I know you guys may disagree with this but imagine if the cars get realistic visuales like smoke, drifting, engine sounds..etc That would be more exciting because realistic vehicles means challenging, interesting and fun gameplay. You guys would have interesting thing to talk about with your friends. Create videos of stunning gameplay..etc but whatever they bring us i bet it would be great..

Jek_Porkins1971d ago

Is the title of this article a typo? I'm not understanding what it's supposed to say...

BattleTorn1971d ago

The Potential of Grand Theft Auto V to Be Great *or* Awful?


Bathyj1971d ago

Maybe its the greatest piece of awful? I dunno.

Outside_ofthe_Box1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I'm not understanding it either. It's either a typo in which it's supposed be "or" instead of "of" or the title is indicating that the article is about the potential of GTA5 being bad.

Really confusing...

dvewlsh1971d ago

It's clearly 'or,' somewhere between when I wrote it and it was posted a letter got transposed/improperly replaced. Not sure how that happened.

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Sandmano1971d ago

Hmm pretty much a question that is asked with every single game released since Pong...

IanVanCheese1971d ago

Came for the poor grammar, stayed for the......nothing actually. Later ya'll.

MilkMan1971d ago

All the trailers are boring but this new one simply knocked me out.

I think I'll wait until the hype-less reviews come out, say after 8 months of its release.

Cause I want to have fun with my games and this doesn't look fun.

koh1971d ago

Or you could rent it or see if a friend has it and just try it for yourself. I agree that avoiding the hype is important for any game, but I've thoroughly enjoyed every GTA and most of R*'s other games, so it will be day 1 for me.

greedybear881970d ago

I like to ride the hype train, I'm totally stoked for GTA 5 and Watch Dogs. Both are day 1 buys for me.

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