Would Another Industry Crash be Such a Bad Thing?

Playeressence's Ricard Julianti discusses how a industry-wide crash might not be as bad as some people think.

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Ray1861936d ago

Nope not at all. I'm actually waiting for the next one.

G20WLY1936d ago

This website talks utter drivel, almost without exception.

Septic1936d ago

"Would Another Industry Crash be Such a Bad Thing?"

Septic1936d ago

Just to qualify my comment, I wouldn't be so harsh to call it drivel but the title just seems weak in my opinion.

Theyellowflash301936d ago

Did you read the article before you formulated that opinion? Because that's just the title.

G20WLY1936d ago

@ Yellow, lol, no, I don't think so! Are you the author or a writer on this webshite? If so, it's not my job to educate you, it's yours and/or your employers. It is, however, my right to express my thoughts in this here comments section.

Septic, above, is right. My original comment (as you can see) refers to the site in general, which has sadly proven to be full of less than stellar articles of bias flamebait or mindless industry 'observational' commentary.

It's contribution is usually of very little value, offering infrequent worthwhile nuggets; this should be the other way around. Maybe you could write a piece on that observation?/jk, but food for thought!
Just my opinion, nothing more. Feedback is a gift, you know... ;P

Theyellowflash301936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Flamebait? I didn't write this article, but how is the title flamebait? It's talking about the industry as a whole. Not X is going to beat X because of X.

If you noticed, the site has barely posts on N4G anymore. Some videos here and there, but flamebait is something that this article isn't.

And since you didn't read the article, how can I take your feedback seriously? If you read the article, then gave some feeback on how it is flamebait or offers "very little value" then I could agree.

But you're just basing your opinion on the title, and past articles. It's not like Playeressence is Kotaku or something.

But if that's your opinion, that's cool, I just feel you're being a little quick to call to write it off as flamebait without even ready a part of it.

G20WLY1936d ago

Above, you misunderstand me. I did read it - and, I repeat: my point is in relation to the site in general.

I agree, it's not Kotaku, but it's not a million miles better either from what I've seen.

Again, just "in my opinion", which, as you rightly said, is cool. We're off topic here, but it's a more worthy topic - that said, I'm done here, so if you wish to talk about it some more, I will oblige via PM (not a request, merely an offer, if it's important to you). I'm sure the site has it's fans, I'm just not one of them based on what I've seen in the past few months. Otherwise, we can just agree to disagree ;)

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trenso11936d ago

Tbh if the industry crashed and caused them to completely stop certain practices like the dlc issue(let's say people stopped buying and this helped in the crash) I wouldn't be too upset if the out come forced companies to get creative again. These days they stickto what they know and we get are sequels a lot of the time

Zichu1936d ago

I don't think it will force companies to be creative again at all. It will just force them out of their jobs.

Indie developers might not be affected by it as much because they can continue to develop for PC's and whatever consoles are left.

I do agree that companies do stick to what they know and what is safe.

I think things are different now. I know the first crash was due to a high amount of consoles being released in a short period of time and even by the same companies and a few other factors.

There are a lot of consoles being released this year, but the games that are being released aren't really exclusive to that console. Take the OUYA for instance, if that company were to declare bankruptcy right now, it wouldn't affect mobile phone companies or mobile game developers, because there are still mobile phones. Most games on phones are released across all platforms of phones. Same with consoles, only a few number of games are exclusive to a console. It's all about getting 3rd party support, this is what I feel Nintendo needs to start doing because once people are fed up of Mario, TLoZ, Metroid, Pikmin, etc, they will have nothing else to offer.

trenso11936d ago

I agree with what you are saying, and its good that you mentioned indie devs cause they are some of the most creative ones if there was a crash their ideas will be in the spotlight more since the big companies are gone and could spark a new wave of creative games. While I'm not out right hoping for a crash I am hoping for some kind of reform in the way these companies do business.

Axonometri1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Yea the loss of thousands upon thousands of jobs is just what will help the industry!

Blank1936d ago

Well in a way the video game industry is pretty volatile they hire QA's for one game then release a few days before release they lay people off unless you networked which is the lower rung of development because the top where it is secure is pretty hard to get to now as for the notion of a video game crash I dont wish that but these publishers are pushing things in a nonconsumer friendly direction I wish there can be a bad repurcussion to the main bigwigs and not effect the common worker but thats in a perfect world

MilkMan1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

Nope. I would like that. Clean the house sort of speak.
In my mind if the industry crashes the only one staying afloat would be Nintendo.
There fans aren't just loyal, but there games can be played by anyone in your family, so it broadens the appeal.

I welcome a new crash, tired of the shooter scene and the same ol crap.

Things are so unpredictable and topsy turvy that not even gaming staples like the Bioware founders or Epic star Cliffy B want to stick around.

Things are so hilarious that everyone is SCREAMING NEXT-GEN, BETTER GRAPHICS, FASTER SPEEDS, MORE RAM, MORE REALISM, More thins and that..
yet the hottest and most popular games can be played on your Atari 2600.

Sh!t is a state of Chaos.

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