Analysis: Is Nintendo avoiding Sony and Microsoft at E3?

As Nintendo cancels its annual E3 presentation, Richard Hayden wonders if there’s more at work than simple cost-cutting strategies

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Root1970d ago

Sony/Microsoft: "Give us your lunch money"

Nintendo: "Please...just take it......don't touch me, I bruise easily"

I joke, I joke :)

mochachino1969d ago

More like Sony/Microsoft: "Hey, why doesn't Nintendo ever want to play with us? Just sits there in the corner by himself ignoring everybody"

Root1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

"Yeah he's just sitting there eating that jar of glue" lol

acidbrn1970d ago

E3 is on it's way out, and has been losing its place in the gaming industry for the last couple years to events such as PAX. Being closed to the public limits the core audience, the ones who buy the games, from being able to go hands on. At the end of the day it's not the industry folks who are buying the bulk of the games, whiich are why events like PAX are overshadowing E3. So why should Nintendo bother with E3 anymore if it's no longer working for them?

If E3 opens their doors to the public Nintendo will come back in full force, until then their Nintendo Direct videos, and their city tours are a much better way to speak to their audience than some extravagant press showing.

majiebeast1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

This man disagrees with you and he is a insider, E3 will not die and he gives good reasons why it wont.

DragonKnight1969d ago

Yes, because events that cater only to a specific audience (Nintendo Direct) is MUCH better than a huge event that's publicized for the world to see (E3). So much better.

Mustang300C20121969d ago

Lol e3 isn't publicized to the world and no matter what event thy are at the Internet has the information everyone wants majority of the country doesn't know what E3 or Pax is.

DragonKnight1969d ago

"Lol e3 isn't publicized to the world and no matter what event thy are at the Internet has the information everyone wants majority of the country doesn't know what E3 or Pax is."

"E3 isn't publicized to the world"

"Isn't publicized to the world"

"The world"

Mustang300C20121969d ago


First of all you need to educate yourself what E3 actually is. It isn't for the public or gamers it is for the media and always has been. So I don't see what opening to the public has to do with what the nature of E3 has always been. Why don't you and anyone who doesn't know go to E3s website and actually read what it is.

Nintendo not going to E3 is going to harm them any more than it hasn't harmed Sony and MS every time someone says my company I worship won E3.

MEsoJD1969d ago

E3 is that one time where the world watches video games. Even non gamecentric media outlets cover E3.

Shadowolf1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

You are delusional if you think E3 is going anywhere. PAX overshadowing E3 is also another uninformed position. I understand the concern that E3 is a media driven event however, make no mistake about it, E3 continues to draw far more industry excitement than both PAX East and West combined. I would even throw in Comic-Con to make it fair and the sheer amount of press conference updates from manufacturers and publishers including the extraordinary media push of the hottest upcoming games in the industry and for the 3 day E3 event it generates far more attention and exposure.

No, Nintendo will not be returning to E3 in full force if the public were allowed to come to E3. Nintendo will be returning to E3 in full force when they are better equipped to do so. Nintendo is doing major software damage control by not having a E3 press conference. You know and I know that on this go-around Nintendo does not want to get overshadowed by the next-generation hype machines coming from Sony and Microsoft. Looking at the facts, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are currently outselling the Wii U more than 2 to 1 worldwide with more powerful successors on the horizon supporting robust PSN and Xbox Live infrastructures and Nintendo understand this. Perception is everything and the Big N is just playing it safe this year.

TheDivine1969d ago

The only people who watch Nintendo directs are a small percentage of people who already own a Nintendo handheld or console. Yes it's awesome to have new bad ass games announced when you least expect it but nothing beats the build up to e3, the hype, watching a conference and seeing a bombshell or title you've wanted for a decade get announced. Nintendo Directs seem more like a way to keep the handheld/console owners engaged and in the loop. It def won't sell any consoles though, e3 will. One good e3 can make a console a hit or set off a frenzy. Not being there is either admitting they are on their own with no direct compitition, only for Nintendo fans instead of making people Nintendo fans or its just that they have nothing to show. Either way its one of the dumbest moves ever IMO. Maybe they're scared it will be boring idk.

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ScubaSteve11969d ago

too bad e3 sucks and is not open to the public

1969d ago
MasterCornholio1969d ago ShowReplies(2)
WildArmed1969d ago

E3 is like a sine wave. The highs are in the beginning of a new generation, then it drops. And starts again w/ the next gen.

PopRocks3591969d ago

It could very well be. It's not like the two of them are producing brand new hardware that everyone's keeping an eye out for.

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