Star Wars: The Old Republic for Mac, where is it?

Mac Gamer HQ writes:

For as long as I can remember I have been a Star Wars fan, still buzz from playing Jedi Knight Academy, Jedi Outcast, Republic Commando and KOTOR I & II. These are in my opinion the corner stones of the Star Wars franchise in regards to games. I will probably get slaughtered for this but KOTOR II actually ended a relationship I was in when I was 19 because I couldn't pull myself away from playing it. That’s how much Star Wars affects me. It pulls me in and immerses me so I lose all perception of space and time. So might even say it forms corruption from the dark side upon my psyche………too far? Sorry!

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guitarse1851d ago

Have you checked behind the sofa, everything turns up there.

MGregory6661851d ago

Either that or under it! ;-)

PS-Analog1851d ago

Try between the cushions

Relientk771851d ago

Found it

its under the sofa cushions guys

Agent_00_Revan1851d ago

Check the freezer too. Things end up in the weirdest places, especially when you have kids.

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DarkBlood1851d ago

probably never at this point unless disney does something about it

ricmcgamer1850d ago

Those Bioware guys are not what they used to be anymore...