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"Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is awesome. It doesn't take long to get through but I absolutely loved the 5 or so hours that I spent with it. The pacing in the campaign is well done and never overstays its welcome. Cutting out the RPG mechanics is a very good idea for such a short game and it requires less thought than Far Cry 3 as a result, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the experience. If you're interested in the crazy '80s aesthetic, comic book visuals, and silly references to movies, games, and technologies past, then I'd wholeheartedly recommend dropping the 15 bucks on this little slice of cyber-paradise." - Cameron Wasmund

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ichimaru1934d ago

I appreciate the team for taking a chance with Blood dragon. They made it fun, over the top, and never allowed us to take it too seriously from what I've seen. as a reviewer at IGN put it "its what I wanted from Duke Nukem forever"